The True Enemy Lies Within

The radical left's protests and propaganda choose targets of convenience. Their true mission is to bring down the pillars of civilisation.

The True Enemy Lies Within

It doesn't matter how you feel about the current conflict in Gaza, the response in the West is alarming.

And I'm not talking about the response of government, but the actions of the rent a crowd, perpetual protest movement.

The same people who claimed Black Lives Matter and demanded we defund the police are now openly protesting against Jews.

In scenes reminiscent of 1940s Germany, a new group of uniformed tyrants are attacking the businesses and places of worship of Jewish people.

They are also physically assaulting Jews themselves.

The uniform in question features keffiyehs and a weird amalgamation of banners including the Palestinian and rainbow flags plus plenty of Queers for Palestine propaganda.

The protesters are clearly too dumb to know how the alphabet mafia movement is treated in Islamic countries.

Now, imagine if the jackbooted protesters were targeting other religious believers based on the actions of their governments.

Perhaps they could be protesting against the barbarity of Afghanistan or Pakistan governments.

Maybe they could voice concerns about the rights of women and refugees in any number of Islamic nations, or the dismemberment of a journalist in a foreign embassy

There's plenty of evidence to support action, and unlike the propaganda behind most claims of war, few dispute the barbarity undertaken by many Islamic governments.

Saudi border guards have killed at least hundreds of Ethiopian migrants and asylum seekers who tried to cross the Yemen-Saudi border between March 2022 and June 2023.

How do you think the world would respond if the unwashed Leftists were campaigning outside Mosques to prevent access and were attacking Muslims in the street as a response?

How do you think some within the Muslim diaspora would react?

We've all seen plenty of examples of the carnage that occurs when the zealots behind the religion of peace are fired up by any affront to their belief system.

With every protest, the media and governments would go to great pains to talk about Islamophobia and the great cultural enrichment Islam brings to the West.

With every terror attack, the media and governments would insist it was not representative of Islam itself and that most Muslims are peaceful co-existers.

So why does it seem OK to target innocent Jewish people for Israel's response to a declaration of war from another government?

Hamas is a terror organisation masquerading as a government that uses their own people as human shields for their terror activities.

Why do the feral leftists turn on the Jews and not the Muslims?

The first thought in response is obvious. The Left are cowards and they are scared of Islam. But there's more to it than that.

Here's what I think is happening.

The Jews are just the latest excuse for the radical anti-Western protests.

The same mob use any excuse to destroy the societal constructs of the West and to accumulate power to foster a revolution.

It's never really been about climate change, black lives or Gaza or gays.

It's all about causing as much disruption as possible with whatever cause they can confect to create chaos.

History shows us we have experienced this playbook many times before and it's never ended well.

Incredibly, the politicians and the media refuse to learn the lessons of history and continue to help them get away with it. That tells you the fix is in.

The true enemy really does reside within.

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