The NACC is Already Busy

While there may be some frivolous referrals, if the NACC uncovers some corruption scandals it will be good news for the public purse.

The NACC is Already Busy
Photo by Michael / Unsplash

I'm not sure what to make of the report that the national Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) has received 44 referrals in the first three days of  existence.

Does it suggest we have opened a Pandora's Box of frivolous gripes or ripped the scab off an unpleasant truth about public stewardship?

In all likelihood it's probably a combination of both.

There'll be some late night emailers wanting to share their latest insights as well as some political point scoring. That's just part and parcel of any public submission process.

However there will also be some important issues referred and it will be int he public interest to have them resolved.

We already know what one of them is and it has already drawn the ire of critics.

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