The Hackneyed Higgins' Defence

Defending the indefensible invokes some familiar techniques. We've already seen two of them trotted out by the Labot Party.

The Hackneyed Higgins' Defence

Once you understand the game, politics and politicians are so predictable.

They resort to the same tricks and obfuscation to hide from their own failings. Some are more shameless in that endeavour than others.

In my experience, the worst offenders were the Leftist women.

Many of them were mean and downright nasty in their prosecution of political advantage.

However, when challenged, they also used 'compassion' and their 'femaleness' as protective shields.

We've seen that repeatedly over the years.

At a macro level, the entire #MeToo movement was a construct that claimed women should always be believed about any accusation against men.

This theory holds, even though many are caught repeatedly lying.

However, there is one exception.

Those subscribing to that cult-like program conveniently ignore the women who make accusations against their own political leaders.

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