The Green Threat to Prosperity

There seems to be widespread disenchantment with both major political parties. Pundits bemoan the lack of vision and blandness of the current campaigns while voters are expressing their displeasure by threatening to support minor parties.

We even have a former federal Labor leader advocating for an informal vote on Saturday 21 August, while talking up the policy agenda of the Greens. It’s an astounding position for anyone who has bothered to examine the Greens’ platform.

While every party is allowed to advocate for their policy platform, it is incumbent on all of us to know exactly what it is we are voting for. Parties like the Greens get away with little media scrutiny or accountability for their policies, yet they are likely to have a significant influence on how our nation is governed.

The Greens are committed to supporting a carbon tax that could double the price of electricity and lift the price of almost everything else, without any benefit to the environment.

They’ll also be looking to introduce a death tax and increase Labor’s proposed new mining tax. They oppose uranium mining in Australia – a position that could jeopardise South Australia’s largest mining venture at Roxby Downs. They want to increase company tax rates, redistribute wealth and remove capital gains tax relief. The Greens also have an assortment of wild and woolly ideas (including handing out heroin) that will turn social, civic and investment norms on their head.

It’s concerning that this is the party that could hold the balance of power in the Senate after the next election. Having delivered preferences that might enable the Gillard Government to get over the line, the high price of their dirty deal will be felt by every man, woman and child.

Given that most Australians don’t show much interest in politics outside of the election period, much of what they determine their vote on is based on media reports and paid party advertising.

If parties like the Greens escape critical examination of their platform and the possible implications for every aspect of Australian life, then something isn’t working as well as it should.

When One Nation had a similar national vote to the Greens, the media were ruthless in their examination of their policies with all sorts of accusations levelled at their supporters.

Yet when party leaders like the Greens’ Bob Brown call for a registration system for businesses based on the religious belief of the owners, or threaten personal bankruptcy in order to raise hundreds of thousands of unreportable dollars, it barely rates a mention in the mainstream media.

Of course, many will say that the major parties have their own responsibility to expose their political opponents. This, of course, is true, but when Labor ultimately benefits most from Green vote preferences there is little incentive for them to do so.

For the Liberals, given their limited resources, it is much more logical to highlight Labor’s failings (as its major opponent) rather than expose the Greens.

Unfortunately this allows a radical, Marxist party of protest to get away with an extreme agenda, with little or no scrutiny of the potential implications for Australia.

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