The Fight for Freedom

The lovers of liberty are at work in many spheres of society. The importance of some to our cause cannot be overstated.

The Fight for Freedom
Photo by Jon Tyson / Unsplash

There's been an amazing response to yet another Joe Rogan podcast.

The conversation with Maajid Nawaz is three hours long but is essential listening for a summation of the status of the world.

It's no coincidence that the Confidential site has covered many of these issues since we began back in 2020.

You can watch and listen to the interview here.

Nawaz is an author and former member of hardline Islamist group Hizb-ut-Tahrir. He renounced his association and has called for a secular Islam. He was also co-founder of the former think-tank Quilliam.

While Nawaz has clearly had a journey of his own, an awakening of this ilk makes one acutely aware of the techniques and operations that are used to manipulate actions. It allows one to foresee problems that many others may miss.

Politics was like that for me.

Remembering the original words and promises whilst observing the results gives one very little confidence in anything our politicians say. Most often they are doing things just to appear active, not because it is expected to deliver any substantive result.

It's a psy-ops game where the appearance of doing, meaning grabbing headlines and announcements, is more important than outcomes.

The only exception is the outcome of an election so they can keep their job.

But back to Nawaz and Rogan.

Joe Rogan was left speechless when the evidence of The Great Reset agenda was presented to him by Nawaz. The silence doubled down with the threats to liberty of Central Bank Digital Currencies. There was factual presentations about the dangers of the vaccine roll out and medical passports ( watch from around 1 hour 30 mark).

There's also an incredible story about how the CIA rolled out fake vaccine programs in order to collect DNA from children.

The overall warning is that you cannot rely on the truth or integrity of government, the media or pharmaceutical companies.

I'd go as far as to say it is quite the opposite. You should begin by assuming what they are telling you is not true and work back from there.

It's a fascinating discussion and the importance of what Rogan is doing simply allowing these conversations cannot be overstated.

He has a massive global audience (larger than most cable shows in the United States) and is bringing on guests that normalise the concepts we have been discussing for years.

The reach, empirical evidence presented and cancel-culture attacks on his guests who push back against the zeitgeist are testament to how effective his outreach is.

That effectiveness is why Rogan is under attack. It's also why he deserves our support.

It isn't because Rogan is a card carrying conservative or libertarian. It's because he has an open mind and wants to explore issues, even if he may disagree with them.

In doing so he learns and in some cases, changes his mind based on the evidence presented.

That's how the contest of ideas is supposed to work. Bad ideas are driven out by better ones.

Unfortunately, in this new world the debate is only allowed if you furiously agree with the controllers of the narrative. Any dissenter is shut down, cancelled or personally attacked for their non-conformity.

We owe a great thanks to those courageous souls who are prepared to risk their finances, their liberty and their reputations to stand tall in the face of such coercion.

I hope they'll inspire even more to do what they can to protect our freedoms for future generations.

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