The Deceit at Durban

The Green Labor left and the profiteers of climate change catastrophe have been hailing their most recent international junket as an outstanding success.

In reality, the Durban gathering of the carbon dioxide fear mongers was a spectacular failure but that won’t stop the true believers from trying to justify their futile crusade against climate change.

Our own Climate Change Minister Greg Combet said the result was a “massively historic step that has not been achieved before”.

I seem to recall the previous government mouthpiece Senator Penny Wong said a very similar thing after the failed fiasco of the Copenhagen conference – and look what came of that. Nothing, except the scheduling of more conferences to debate the need to have even more conferences to… I am sure you get the picture.

And a gloomy picture it is for Australians who have been lumbered with Labor’s carbon tax.

The ‘success’ of Durban is an agreement to negotiate by 2015 whether to reach an agreement by 2020 about emissions reduction. This is a sure sign that there will be no international action on carbon dioxide emissions under a government led by Julia Gillard.

But that hasn’t stopped her team from signing up to an international ‘Carbon Fund’ run by unelected bureaucrats allocating taxpayers’ money to those it determines are the climate change oppressed. At a time when our government continues to borrow in excess of $100 million every single day, we will now be mortgaging the future of the next generation so we can send billions of dollars to some contrived overseas organisation. Given the track record of rorts and waste in the climate change space, one can hardly be optimistic about how this money will be utilised.

It is another step on the path toward centralising power and funding to the technocrats and away from elected political representatives.

The lack of any international agreement also makes a mockery of the Gillard Government’s economic modelling in respect to the impact of the carbon tax on the Australian economy. Gillard’s Treasury figures presuppose that there will be global action on emissions by 2016 that includes countries like the United States. If there was any doubt before, Durban has now confirmed that this is not going to happen.

That means Australian industry will be at a disadvantage to their international competitors. It means that Australian jobs will be at risk. It means that every Australian family will be hit with higher electricity prices and the flow through effects will extend into almost every aspect of their lives. At a time when so many families are already struggling with cost of living pressures, this new impost could break the budget and hearts of many Australians.

Of course, the non-agreement at Durban has come about all too late. We have been warned for a decade or more that we only had five years to act before the planet would become uninhabitable. About now we were told to expect that the few ‘breeding pairs’ of humans left would be living in a barren desolate wasteland practically devoid of water and food unless emissions were cut immediately.

Well, emissions have continued to rise, the few dams we have are full again, the Earth has stopped warming and the deceivers in the AGW alarmist industry are increasingly exposed for what they are. By my count it’s a happy ending to the apocalypse scenario and I think it would make an excellent movie. I even have a title in mind. Perhaps it could be called An Inconvenient Truth.

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