The COVID Con Revealed

The COVID-19 lies continue to unravel and they only make sense when we understand that cash greased the cycle of dishonesty.

The COVID Con Revealed
Photo by visuals / Unsplash

When in doubt, I often resort to the maxim 'follow the money' to identify the cause or motivation for particular actions.

Nowhere is that more appropriate than gazing through the festering entrails of the COVID response.

It's easy to conclude that the entire thing was contrived for profit and power. If that's correct, it was the greatest psyop in history.

Even if it wasn't manufactured per se, the insights gained about previously trusted institutions should awaken even the bewitched bodies living in la-la land.

Leaked interview transcripts reveal that Dr Fauci basically invented the science associated with social distancing and mask-wearing.

This was the 'science' nations relied on to shut the world effectively. It's the exact 'science' our medical experts dutifully repeated and used as a shield to bolster their authority.

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