The Bottlecap Balloon Brigade

The US shot down a $20 hobby balloon with a $600,000 missile to keep America safe from invasion. You couldn't make this stuff up if you tried.

The Bottlecap Balloon Brigade
Photo by NOAA / Unsplash

Do you remember a couple of weeks ago when US President Joe Biden let a Chinese spy balloon invade US airspace and float across the country, likely gathering sensitive intelligence?

After a public outcry that built over days, Biden had it shot down.

Since then, the Biden administration has been accused of committing an act of war by blowing up the Nord Stream pipelines, which took gas from Russia to Germany.

The US denies the claim and Russia has publicly accused the UK of the sabotage.

The journalist making the claim about US involvement, Seymour Hersh, is a Pulitzer prize winner and  has a track record of exposing big stories.

He won the Prize for International Reporting in 1970 when he exposed the My Lai Massacre and its cover-up during the Vietnam War by the US Army.

Hersh helped expose Nixon’s Watergate scandal and also broke the news in 1973  that the “United States B52 bombers made at least 3,500 secret bombing raids over Cambodia in a 14 month period beginning in March, 1969.

I mention this to highlight that Hersh has a track record of exposing secrets of the US government they would prefer to keep hidden.

Right now we don’t know if what Hersh reports about the pipeline terrorism is accurate.

However, just before the mainstream media could give Hersh’s report the coverage it deserved, the Whitehouse became fully preoccupied about UFO’s in US airspace.

It was almost the only thing the mainstream media could report about US politics.

These invading balloons were such a danger, they rendered the Nordstream act of war into irrelevance.

The US  were so concerned that they scrambled jets and fired missiles worth hundreds of thousands of dollars each to bring these mysterious objects down.

They even rushed to defend Canada from these UFOs, which prompted a question that seemed to test the most hopeless Whitehouse press secretary in history.

Eventually they admitted they didn't know what they were, but expressed confidence they were NOT alien spaceships.

Then, there was a sudden breakthrough. These objects were deemed ‘likely balloons NOT tied to Chinese surveillance’.

Phheew, that’s a relief.

Unless you are part of the Northern Illinois Bottlecap Balloon Brigade that is.

They are a small hobby club of balloon enthusiasts whose latest project appears to have fallen victim to a $600,000 sidewinder missile.

The club’s silver-coated, party-style, “pico balloon” was last reported off Alaska on February 10, but would have been right where the F22 shot down the floating invader over Canada  - or as Whitehouse press secretary Karim John-Pierre called it, Canadia;  on Feb 11.

These ‘pico’ balloons retail for between 12 and 180 US dollars and all three objects shot down by the US Airforce match their description.

This is what the world’s greatest superpower has been reduced to.

It merely watches communist spy blimps while shooting 600k missiles at $20 hobby balloons because they ‘are a strategic threat’.

And this is the mob that people entrust the future of the free world to.

This has all the hallmarks of a confected crisis designed to distract from the real issue:  that the United States under Joe Biden is fuelling the Ukraine Russia conflict and leading us into WW3.

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