The Biden Betrayal

The Democratic Party set Joe Biden up to fail and then unleashed their pack of corrupt newshounds armed with the same talking points. It suggests that Biden won't be their candidate in November.

The Biden Betrayal

If you were one of the tens of millions of people who tuned in to the US Presidential debate last Friday, you witnessed something extraordinary.

It was proof positive that the leader of the free world is a jibbering mess and is not fit for the job.

It also demonstrated (again) how the media cannot be trusted.

For four years, the US media have dutifully covered up Biden's lies and mushy brain. They've labelled his physical frailties captured on video as 'deep fakes' or 'cheap fakes'.

The relatively few interviews and press conferences he has done have been pre-scripted to a coterie of tame journalists.

But now the worm has turned, and the media are leading the charge that Biden has to go.

Here are just some headlines from the same mobs that told us he was the world's best leader just weeks ago.

Now, I don't believe Biden's disastrous debate performance prompted the about-face. Rather, the debate was designed for him to fail and set up an orchestrated campaign to have Biden step aside prior to the election in November.

It was as if Democrat Party talking points were distributed to all their sympathetic media shills ahead of time, and the stories were pre-written with some space to insert some of Biden's debate stuff ups.

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