Tell the OECD Where to Go

There's another international organisation of the elites telling our government to take more of our money and waste it on globalist dreams. We should tell them where to go.

Tell the OECD Where to Go

Do you remember all the accolades when an Australian was elected as secretary general of the OECD?

Matthias Cormann, a former coalition finance minister, received a lot of taxpayer help - in the form of staff, planes and campaign resources - to win the coveted job. 

It’s basically a lifetime appointment with a whole bunch of benefits, including tax-free salary, accommodation and education. 

Cormann is one of the smartest and most diligent networkers I know. He follows up on every promise and has an extraordinary work ethic.

If anyone could break into the OECD club, it was him. 

As a former Senate colleague and continuing friend,  I am very happy for him.

The same can’t be said for the outfit he now heads up, though. I'm not very impressed with them.

This group of lecturing elites have given some unsolicited - and quite frankly, unwelcome advice to Australians this week.

Rather than recognise the cost of living crisis in this country, a problem that was, in part, created by the government Cormann was a key part of, the OECD recommends even more costs should be coming your way.

The Paris-based elites have advised the government to target retirees with superannuation reforms and death duties. 

They also want you to pay more GST while lifting the retirement age. 

So why should we care what one of these gilded globalist groups has to say? 

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