Stand firm and celebrate Australia Day

Stand firm and celebrate Australia Day

Your Weekly Dose of Common Sense is back for 2017 – and what a year it promises to be!

Who would have thought one of the first battles for conservatives would be to defend Australia Day from the ravages of the perpetually disgruntled.

Like so many cultural and religious celebrations, it is under attack by historical revisionists, PC Social Justice Warriors and an assortment of other fringe dwellers.

Last year the message was that anyone who displayed the Australian Flag was racist. Before that, any demonstrated support for ANZAC Day meant you were a warmonger or that celebrating Christmas displayed an intolerance of minority cultural beliefs.

I know it is only a tiny section of our community who go on about these matters but left unchallenged these schisms from mainstream society sometimes gather momentum.

It starts on the fringe, then creeps through the PC police into our schools, our councils and the media. It’s time we stood firm and tomorrow is a great opportunity to display your patriotism for our wonderful country.

Be strong, be proud and fly the flag for Australia in whatever means you choose to. It doesn’t matter if you choose to eat a lamb chop or a bowl of couscous. Whether you have a beer, wine or water, tomorrow is a day to be grateful that we live in the best country in the world.

As conservatives, our task is to keep it that way!

Preserving our freedoms means sticking up for what matters. I’ll be doing that when I speak at a dinner in support of free speech in Melbourne on 10 February.

Some friends of mine are being sued by a halal certifier named Mohamed El-Mouelhy for discussing his questionable business practices. To know more about the character of this awful man you should read this speech.

Anyway, the dinner is part of an effort to raise the near million dollars necessary to fund the legal defence. If you’d like to attend, tickets can be purchased HERE.

Friends, the year ahead promises to be an exciting and challenging one.

The next chapter of our journey to strengthen our nation and defend our freedoms and way of life is just beginning.

I’ll be tackling that challenge head-on this year and hope you’ll be with me every step of the way.

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