Society is Messed Up

The decades long social experiment of the Left is breaking down society and tearing us apart. Putting a stop to it is our greatest challenge.

Society is Messed Up
Photo by John Cameron / Unsplash

I spend a lot of time thinking about the state of the the world we live in.

Not so much about the politics because it’s pretty clear the western world has the worst crop of political leaders in modern history.

Trudeau, Adern, Biden, Macron…we’ve just said goodbye to Morrison and Johnson. It’s hard to imagine a more useless bunch leading us all into a pit of despair.

However, the political cycle will eventually turn.

People will wake up and the political pendulum will eventually swing the other way. Whether that will turn the tide of bureaucracy remains to be seen.

All that said, I am just accepting of the current status and advocate to those who follow my daily blog posts that they need to make themselves independent of government by providing for themselves and their family.

If you rely on government for your happiness or financial wellbeing, you will be sorely disappointed in the years ahead.

Where my real concerns lay is in our society.

It’s much harder to repair a cultural balance sheet than it is a political or financial one.

And in almost any measure of how our society is stacking up, we are doing pretty poorly.

At my local supermarket this week, a staff member showed my a man who had walked in every day for the past six days and filled two bags with food products and walked out without paying.

One day, both bags were filled with expensive meat.

Staff had been told not to try to stop him. The police were not interested and so they bloke keeps coming back.

You and I pay for that brazen theft - through higher prices and increased lawlessness.

While we aren’t yet on the scale of the looting that takes place in the USA, it might give us a glimpse into our own future.


We’ve got steal to order gangs here too. My friendly checkout operator told me about her experience with them.

Then we’ve got the obvious drug use, decimating lives and entire communities.

It seems everyone knows someone who is always wasted on marijuana, messed up by meth or cooked from coke.

It seems so common now that it feels kind of normal. Some of our political types actually do want it to be normal saying illicit drugs should be treated just like alcohol or cigarettes.

Strangely, these same people want to ban smoking tobacco but allow people to smoke dope.

Unsurprisingly, with this top level advocacy, research in America shows more teens are now regular dopers than smokers. That’s one way to keep the community zombified.

While I don’t have hard data here, based on what I see in the streets, it's entirely possible the same thing is happening here.

And what about the lack of consideration for anyone except self?

Narcissistic drips wander the streets, eyes glued to their phones expecting everyone else to watch out for them.

And if one of these zombies happen to bump into you, watch out. These entitled brats have a foul mouth on them too.

While I know this is only a snapshot of our society, it doesn’t actually paint a pretty picture.

Everything seems to be about self gratification.

“I’m doing it because I want to and why should I give a hoot about anyone else?”

That attitude is why we have more porn perverts than ever before. It’s why there are more broken families, more hardened hearts and more messed up minds.

It’s all a result of a decades long Leftist led social experiment that has left our society dumber and more dysfunctional.

Saving future generations from this poison will be one of the hardest tasks in human history.

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