Smothered by Political Correctness

The decision to overturn the conviction of niqab-wearing Carnita Matthews on the basis that her facial veil prohibited positive identification suggests that political correctness is smothering our nation.

The video evidence of a shrill and provocative woman, shrouded in black, making allegations of racism against a police officer is damning. The fact that a written complaint, making even more strident accusations against the officer, was later lodged with the police by a figure in a similar state of facelessness is not questioned.

The problem appears to be ‘who was the person under the mask’. According to the judge, no-one can be sure that it was, in fact, the defendant. The judge is almost certainly correct and he is expected to release the reasons for his decision later this week.

However, the entire defence argument confirms to me this identity destroying mask has no place in Australian society. Further, it supports the notion that facial veils are something that separates one group of Australians from others.

How can anyone justify the double standards that apply to identification requirements for those wearing the veil and those wearing other face coverings? The usual suspects will go on about religious observance and freedom of choice but that is a ruse.

We have over 130 recognised religions in this country and we do not allow them all to practise their beliefs free from adherence to societal standards. Nor do we allow the various cultural practices that do not conform to our own code of values.

Unfortunately, the culture of political correctness dictates that we cannot make these judgments in respect to the burqa or niqab without suffering the brickbats of the PC police.

The circumstance that the police officers where the complaint was made didn’t require the person to reveal their face is an egregious example of PC culture; a culture that intimidates people from deferring to their common sense for fear of causing offence.

Is it any wonder that when even our police are intimidated into conformity, everyday Australians are also too scared to ask for veils to be removed?

We cannot allow these double standards to continue unchallenged.

Australians should always be ready to say ‘no’ to the path of isolation and separatism and ‘yes’ to embracing our common values and encouraging respect for the rule of law, for it is these things that we share as Australians.

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