Slaves to the Machine

The perpetual war machine is driving politicians to curtail our liberties while claiming it's for our own good.

Slaves to the Machine
Photo by Jakob Owens / Unsplash

Imagine governing a country that is rapidly going broke, with millions of unarmed invaders pouring across a porous border and still deciding to give hundreds of billions of dollars to one of the most corrupt countries on earth.

It doesn't make much sense, but that is precisely what is happening in the United States of America right now.

The US is falling apart.

Their Democrat-led cities are rapidly becoming unliveable, leading to an exodus of people seeking the relative normalcy of Republican States.

The Federal Government is declining to secure the southern border, opting instead to bus the invaders to a place where they can be used to corrupt the forthcoming Presidential elections.

They even give these illegals, many of whom are criminals, a monthly allowance, housing and a cell phone.

And while ignoring their own border security, they funnel hundreds of billions in borrowed money to Ukraine while claiming it's to defend democracy from Russian communists.

First off, Russia is no longer a communist country, but that doesn't help the war narrative. Nor is Russia interested in conquering Europe, as some of the warmongers claim.

Over the years, we have heard many similar arguments about all manner of foes.

The most comparable example was the Vietnam War.

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