Sins of Wokeness

The world's apparent hierarchy of victims and victimisers needs to end. Here's your daily news digest for 24 April 2023.

Sins of Wokeness
Photo by Pawel Czerwinski / Unsplash
The Sins of Wokeness - The American Conservative
Woke theology presents an alternative definition of evil.


Liberals Must Fight With Themselves Before They Battle Labor
Sweeping disagreements under the rug will not get the party back into power. It’s argument that drives policy creativity.
The RBA is Broken and This Won’t Fix It – Quadrant Online
Australian aged care providers accused of ‘crying poor’ to lobby for government funding
Analyst suggests some in the industry are misleading the public about their financial position to demand higher fees


South Africa illustrates the danger of preferencing ideology over race-realism
South Africa illustrates the danger of preferencing ideology over race-realism. By BizNews. The growing South African anomaly: Until shortly before 1994, … South Africa — the apartheid …
Italy ponders exit from China’s ‘Belt and Road’ – Bloomberg
Rome may pull out of China’s ‘Belt and Road’ initiative amid tensions between Washington and Beijing, Bloomberg reports, citing sources
Jacinda Ardern’s disappearing act | The Spectator Australia
Former New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern bade farewell to parliament a few weeks ago. Ardern had resigned as PM in January, saying she no longer had ‘enough in the tank’ to lead the country.

Business, Finance & Investment

US Dollar ‘Finished’, American Empire in Peril As Strategic Rivals Target USD: Ex-Goldman Executive - The Daily Hodl
The future of the US dollar and the American empire itself is now firmly in doubt, according to a financial analyst and former Goldman Sachs executive.
Buying A House In 2023: A Window Of Opportunity Emerges
If you’re looking at buying a house in 2023, I believe a window of opportunity has emerged. Let me share the reasons why with some background to start. In my 2023 housing predictions, I forecasted an 8% decline in the national median home price by around summer. The reasons include: Higher mortgage…
Banking Crisis (Not the Fed) To Cause Recession? | Robert Aro
One of the most dishonest headlines of the week goes to CNBC: Fed expects banking crisis to cause a recession this year, minutes show CNBC absolves themselves by citing that this was said in the Fed minutes, yet it does raise some interesting considerations, the idea that the upcoming recession will…


Without Firing a Shot: How Islam Overcame the West
In his well-known history of Western civilization, Edward Gibbon (1737–1794) offered an interesting
How to Reclaim the Pursuit of Happiness | National Review
Individual freedom is necessary but not sufficient. We also need each other, in community.
Bill Gates Foresees AI Taking Over For Teachers | SHTF Plan
Artificial intelligence is looking to rule to the world, and Bill Gates believes it’s on its way to replacing teachers. “The AIs will get to that ability to be as good a tutor as any human ever could,” the Microsoft co-founder said at the ASU+GSV Summit in San Diego on April 18th.

Crypto & Blockchain

Biden’s comms director barred from former crypto clients: Report
According to an April 22 Bloomberg Law report, the White House communications director Ben LaBolt will be banned from “participating in legal matters, investigations, or contracts involving cryptocurrency or technology firms he previously represented.”
Crypto Scammers Using AI to Dupe Investors
Crypto scammers are taking advantage of the latest technological developments in artificial intelligence (AI) to fool investors.
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The world’s favourite place to buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Delivery in less than 2 minutes, easiest order process, and we’re open 24/7.


Florida Lawmakers Pass Crackdown On ‘Social Credit’ Scores And Woke Investment | The Daily Wire
Florida lawmakers approved a bill to prevent state and local government entities from offering debt or investing public funds in accordance with the environmental, social, and corporate governance movement, also known as ESG. Members of the Florida Senate voted 28-12 in favor of the legislation on W…

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