Shorten's 'Latham handshake' moment

Shorten's 'Latham handshake' moment

Politics has reached a new low when the leader of a major political party can only resort to name calling to defend his ideological and illogical policies.

It happened this morning with the ‘Napoleonic’ leader of the Labor Party, Bill Shorten, who was seeking to defend Labor’s poisonous ‘Safe Schools Coalition’ program that indoctrinates children with a political agenda.

This program isolates and intimidates children into conforming to an agenda that may run contrary to their own personal or familial values. It is a political weapon of social engineering that has no place in our schools. I wrote about it recently on my blog and also gave a speech in the Senate.

Since then, many thousands of Australians signed a petition calling for the removal of the federal funding, which was tabled in the Senate yesterday. It also sparked discussion in the Coalition Party room, prompting a review of the program by the Minister.

Alarmingly, the program has been linked to gender-fluid advocacy for children as young as four and one of the program’s authors spoke about its real intentions at a Marxist conference last year. At that conference, Ms Roz Ward, one of the co-ordinators of the SSC said:

“To smooth the operation of capitalism the ruling class has benefited, and continues to benefit, from oppressing our bodies, relationships, sexuality and gender identities alongside sexism, homophobia and transphobia; both serve to break the spirits of ordinary people, to consume our thoughts, to make us accept the status quo and for us to keep living or aspiring to live, or feel like we should live, in small units and families where we must reproduce and take responsibility for those people in those units.”

Straight out of Marxism 101.

Little wonder the vacuous Bill Shorten and the extreme left are up in arms. One of their sacred cows is set to be slaughtered on the altar of conservative common sense.

And how did Shorten respond to the challenge before him?

In true leftist fashion, he made no mention of the substantive issues on the merits of the program; he just wants to label everyone opposed to such indoctrination as a homophobe. That’s right, every concerned parent, every concerned psychologist, every concerned school teacher or politician is a ‘homophobe’ according to the inadequate leader of the Labor Party.

He said as much to me this morning and it was all caught on camera. It was Bill Shorten’s ‘Latham handshake’ moment…unhinged and character illuminating.

The Greens, too, are getting in on the act. They are so incensed that 9,499 concerned Australians signed my petition (in only a few days) calling for the withdrawal of funding for the SSC propaganda that they have launched one of their own, aiming to double our numbers. That means we need to redouble our efforts and keep the petition going. Please encourage as many people as possible to add their name lest the momentum we are building is lost.

Our country is on the cusp of an important change. It is Australian Conservatives that will drive the change back to normalcy. I am up for the fight and I know many of you are too. For that I am eternally grateful.

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