Scrapping The Carbon Tax

I have been delaying writing this letter in the hope I’d be able to confirm the repeal of the Carbon Tax. Alas, it is still a work in progress but we are so very, very close to having the Senate vote to get rid of this obnoxious and useless tax.

When it goes, it is a prime example that this new Senate will provide more opportunity for common sense legislation to get through than the previous one dominated by Labor and the Greens.

I have now met all the new senators and they bring a diversity of views to the place. I for one think that’s healthy for our democracy.

The Senate this week has been a little chaotic as everyone, and I mean everyone, is coming to terms with the substantive changes in the makeup of the chamber. Getting a handle on procedure and process is a steep learning curve and with ten different political parties now represented in the Senate, things can be a little confusing!

That said, I am absolutely optimistic that it will be workable and good policies will be able to get through.

Next week is the final week of this parliamentary session and hopefully will provide the opportunity to get rid of the mining tax too. On that, and the carbon tax, I hope I don’t have to eat these early words!

Next week also marks my speech to the National Press Club. My presentation will be on the last day of the current session and I am really looking forward to the opportunity.

I’d love to see some of the common sense email readers there whilst I detail some ideas that I think are important to the future of politics in this country.

As I noted before, this week has been rather hectic for many of us and today is no different. I am required in the chamber for question time so will be back in touch next week.

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