Scrap Diversity and Inclusion

Affirmative action is a drain on our society. Here's your daily news digest for 16 November 2022.

Scrap Diversity and Inclusion
Photo by Evan Demicoli / Unsplash
Four reasons to scrap ‘diversity and inclusion’ | The Spectator Australia
Esteemed American psychologist Jonathon Haidt recently made headlines having resigned from his major professional association. He did so out of frustration that ’everybody presenting research at the…


Kim Beazley calls for big boost to defence spending
The former defence minister says Australia is at risk of being unable to defend itself.
Vax rollback hits Australia: Experts now “not recommending” fifth dose for almost anyone, just anti-virals
Vax rollback hits Australia: Experts now “not recommending” fifth dose for almost anyone, just anti-virals. By Joanne Nova. As of last week, almost no one in Australia is eligible for the fifth dos…
Australian Universities Risk Giving The Game Away To China In The Uphill Battle To Defend Our National Security
We face an ongoing struggle to defend our national security against malicious foreign actors, but there is little point if Australian universities are leaving themselves open to the theft of our knowledge.


Australia, UK, Ireland and Fiji Regulators to Push for Online Safety Laws
Australia’s online regulator will collaborate with representatives from the United Kingdom, Ireland and Fiji to create new laws ...
Qatar: Somewhere Under The Rainbow - The American Conservative
The US men’s national soccer team is giving the Muslim hosts of the World Cup the finger
A Big Difference between Israel and the Palestinians
Part of the reason for the Palestinian Authority’s unwillingness to let the people decide [in elections] is their understandable concern that Hamas will once again prevail. [T]here is an added reason for why Israelis who used to vote for the left have

Business, Finance & Investment

Classic Bear Market Rip | TradetheTape
What I’ve Learned The Most From Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger
Here are your answers to the survey question: “What You Learn The Most From Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger?” Most people pick “They are patient” as their top take-away, followed by “They are val…
Stoeferle: 5 Reasons Why 60/40 Is Dead & #gold’s The Great Stabilizer
Stoeferle: 5 Reasons Why 60/40 Is Dead & Gold’s The Great Stabilizer Authored by Ron Stoeferle via, 1) Bonds are...


Pfizer And Moderna To Investigate Their Own Vaccines For Myocarditis Risks
In all likelihood, Pfizer and Moderna are trying to get out ahead of burgeoning side effects with their own studies as a means to spin or mitigate bad press in the future.
Anti-racism attacks my American Dream
Why do Democrats condemn hardworking immigrants?
TikTok Has A Child Pornography And Chinese Espionage Problem: Report | The Daily Wire
TikTok allegedly has child sex abuse material hiding in plain sight all over the social media platform, according to a Forbes investigative report. According to the report, graphic social media content depicting lewd and pornographic acts from minors is easy to come across on the video-sharing app.…

Crypto & Blockchain

Billionaire Mark Cuban Says FTX ‘Blowup’ Has Little To Do With Crypto – Here’s What He Means - The Daily Hodl
Billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban says the recent crypto market cataclysm triggered by the collapse of FTX has more to do with banking failures than crypto itself.
Easy Crypto - The world’s choice for crypto
The world’s favourite place to buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Delivery in less than 2 minutes, easiest order process, and we’re open 24/7.
Paxos Ordered by US Officials to Freeze $19M in Crypto Tied to FTX
Federal law enforcement asked the crypto issuer to freeze assets associated with four ether addresses as investigations into FTX collapse intensify.


Charted: Healthcare Spending and Life Expectancy, by Country
This graphic looks at average life expectancies in countries around the world, compared to each country’s healthcare spending per capita.

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