School of Common Sense

While degrees may provide 'expertise' we need more graduates from the school of common sense.

School of Common Sense

Before I get started tonight I need to tell you I am in 14 day isolation because I went to Queensland last weekend.

I should have known better. Our pathetic premiers hide behind the health bureaucrats and shut down borders or entire communities on a whim.

The health 'experts' repeatedly demonstrate that while they may have degrees in medicine, they haven't graduated from the school of common sense. It's noteworthy that they been given a free run by much of the media, despite the repeated contradictions they peddle about the pandemic.

After telling us that Astrazeneca vaccine was safe, we are now told it might be…or might not. After telling us young people are at risk ( which is why they closed the schools), the QLD health officer says they aren't really.

In South Australia, the toasted Premier Marshmallow locked the entire state down for the non-existent pizza box strain of covid and we are told that, while going to the footy with 30000 other people is ok, actually touching a footy handled by a sweaty Victorian is a risk.

Here's Professor "Patches O'Houlihan" Spurrier telling us about the rules of pandemic dodgeball.

This week, Sky News' Chris Kenny was the only journalist to ask some pointed questions of Premier Marshmallow and Professor Patches. Neither of them could provide a straight answer to even the most basic questions.

The hopelessness of this duo's administration was really brought home to me after my return from Queensland on Monday. After processing and being advised of my quarantine period, a few hours later I received an email from SA authorities saying I was being denied entry into the state in which I live, and was already in.

I repeat, that was after I'd been through the SA registration process and was already in the State.

It's just another example of how hopeless they are...and it's likely not much different around the rest of the country.

We are being treated like mushrooms - kept in the dark and fed a pile of manure by these weak leaders and their human political shields.

Almost everything we have been told about this virus has been contradicted or exposed as questionable.

From the origins (which is likely in the Wuhan lab), to the dangers of the virus, the stacked death statistics, original intent to flatten the curve and then elimination, efficacy of mask wearing and lockdowns, the myriad 'strains; the vaccinations and the 'new normal'.

The government cover ups of failed quarantine, dodgy security contracts and administrative failure are everywhere.

It's been a litany of self-serving garbage.

Well I'm tired of it. How can we have confidence in the very people who have repeatedly mislead us under the guise of their 'expertise'.

If what they told us in the past was wrong, why should we believe what they tell us now?

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