Rudd’s Record Speaks for Itself

Less than three years ago Kevin Rudd declared war. There was a war on inflation, a war on obesity, a war on irresponsible spending, a war on unemployment and a war on capitalism. In fact, there were so many wars that Field Marshall Rudd lost track of the battles and has subsequently lost them all.

The result is a debt-laden nation where the government is bringing in new taxes to plug its budget black hole, where cost of living pressures are rising rapidly, interest rates are jumping higher and the government is ditching almost every key policy they have tried to implement.

Frankly, Mr Rudd leads a government that is a shambles and we are all paying the price for his ego and hubris.

Mr Rudd was warned of the mortgage stress he was creating for first home buyers through his increase in the first home owners grant. He ignored those warnings and now tens of thousands of Australians risk losing their homes because of a poorly thought-out policy.

Mr Rudd was warned of the dangers of the rapid roll-out of the insulation scheme. Despite the risks he went ahead with the scheme that cost four lives and over one hundred house fires. The rest of us now have to pick up the $1,000 million clean up bill.

Mr Rudd was told repeatedly that schools were not receiving value for money in his school building program. Thanks to his cavalier dismissal of genuine concerns another $8,000 million of taxpayers’ money was flushed away.

Mr Rudd was advised that throwing too much borrowed money into the economy risked sparking inflation, yet he splashed the cash around with gay abandon. The result is rising inflation and higher interest rates.

Mr Rudd lectured us all about the ‘great moral issue of our time’ and how inaction would result in catastrophe, yet he dumped his great green tax without even consulting his minister.

Mr Rudd praises his ministers as ‘first rate’ yet removes their portfolio responsibilities for abject failure in the line of duty while allowing them to keep the perks and pay of office. We are right to question why Peter Garrett and Penny Wong are still sitting around the Cabinet table.

I could go on but I am sure you get the picture. Mr Rudd and his government are spinning their wheels desperately looking for traction. The problem is that if you don’t believe in something you’ll fall for anything – and Kevin Rudd clearly doesn’t believe in anything. His phoniness, his poor decisions, his waste and his unreliability are not the characteristics of a national leader. After all the lies, broken promises, wrong priorities and waste how can anyone take Kevin Rudd seriously or believe anything he says?

But don’t take my word for it; his record speaks for itself.

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