Riots Undermine Admiration for Trump

After four years of race baiting identity politics, lying about the President and undermining democracy, the really culpable are now standing on the box of piousness they have avoided for so long.

Riots Undermine Admiration for Trump

Today’s scenes in the US Capitol are disgusting and need to be condemned in the strongest possible terms.

I make no bones about doing so, just like I condemn the fascist mobs and looters masquerading as Black Lives Matter and Antifa.

Remember these were the violent thugs and criminals who were empowered by the Democratic party and the media. As they looted, killed and smashed their way across America the truth was ignored and they were proclaimed as righteous and  ‘peaceful protestors’.

They took over cities and targeted police for execution and still the political left remained largely silent.

After four years of race baiting identity politics, lying about the President and undermining democracy, the really culpable are now standing on the box of piousness they have avoided for so long.

They are only doing it because it just so happens to suit their political ends.

Let me say it again. What happened today is a disgrace. But so is what has happened in America for the last four years.

Many will want to blame Donald Trump as they pursue the ‘democracy is under attack narrative’. It’s already started, but the reality if it has been under attack for every day of the past four years, as the swamp creatures refused to accept the validity of Trump’s election.

He crime is that he beat the crooked establishment  and then set about draining the corrupt swamp that Washington has become.

I regret that he didn’t succeed. The forces against him were simply too strong. The misrepresentation, the lies, the fake news and the walking dead of the bureaucracy all worked against him.

Remember the Russia Collusion claims – they were a hoax and this was known by all who peddled them. Starting with Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

The Hunter Biden laptop. Damning evidence of corruption and scandal, ignored by the media and the subject of a go-slo order by those entrusted with upholding the laws.

There were so many other egregious offences by those who now act as pure as driven snow that it casts a dark stain on the US political system and their cosy relationship with the media.

And still Trump got more Presidential votes than any President before him…only to be beaten in the oddest of circumstances by a scarcely seen geriatric with clear cognitive difficulties.

It almost sounds too fanciful to be true.

But that’s not to say President Trump has been without flaws himself. His style and nature will rancour with many but he has been an extraordinarily successful President.

His middle east peace record is second to none. His calling out China took great courage. His handling of the economy saw more jobs and more growth than many before him.

That economic success ground to a halt thanks to covid 19 and there are many who will blame him for that.

However, these same people condemned him for quickly closing borders, identifying the source of the virus as China, promoting treatments that were effective and ridiculed his mission to fast track a vaccine as impossible.

His critics were wrong and it is no coincidence that the places where coronavirus has wreaked the most havoc have been largely democrat controlled.

Today’s acts will be used to undermine much that was to be admired about the Trump presidency. It makes one wonder why security around the congress was so lax. The result has been tragic and will  obviously feed a narrative that Trump’s critics are desperate to promote.

But when considered in the cold light of day, ask yourself who is really to blame for saying that American democracy and society was flawed, fractured and broken for the past four years. Who was it that empowered and excused the riotous and racist mob for political ends. Who was it that created so many irregularities in the electoral system as to leave it open to myriad claims of fraud?

It certainly wasn’t President Donald J Trump.

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