Rinehart on the Money

Gina Rinehart said some inconvenient truths in comparing our politician's policy performance with that of the CCP.

Rinehart on the Money

Australia's most successful businessperson caused a bit of a stir this week when she said that China was outperforming Australia in several important metrics.

Gina Rinehart made the case of where our government is letting us down and contrasted their performance in critical areas with that of the Chinese communists.

Her speech certainly wasn't an endorsement of communism, but it was an indictment of what is going on in this country. She did so by posing simple questions for others to ponder.

Questions like:

“Which country’s government understands the importance of reliable electricity production and is building many coal-fired power stations and nuclear ones?”

Hmm, it's not hard to answer that as we pollute our fields and cover our agricultural land with toxic renewables - almost all of which are made in China - using their fossil fuel (and nuclear) generated electricity.

“Which country’s government is running down its military, lessening its defence spending, causing a decrease in military personnel … lowering morale, while the other country’s government is doing the very opposite?”

There are no prizes for guessing the correct answer to this one.

While we are busy funding transexual surgeries for soldiers and distributing pronoun pins with halal religious rations, China is creating the world's largest army.

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