Ready Please, Mr Music

Music is merely maths, and has a finite number of possible melodies. Here's a man who has copyrighted billions of unique melodies.

Ready Please, Mr Music
Photo by Marius Masalar / Unsplash

If you’ve ever thought a song you like sounded similar to another, the culprit may not be an unethical forger but the limited mathematical musical equations that our favourite artists have to work with.

Current copyright law is at risk of severely limiting future music creation and future human creativity. This talk suggests a new way to handle these legal cases.

Damien Riehl is a technology lawyer with a B.S. in music.

After beginning to code in 1985, he has worked for the chief judges of state and federal courts; litigated for a decade; taught law-school copyright classes; and led teams in software development, digital forensics, proactive cybersecurity, reactive cybersecurity incidents, and world-scale investigations.


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