Population Politics

Kevin Rudd wants Australia to grow our population by 15 million people by 2050.

Amazing, when you consider the fact that Kevin and his carbon dioxide-hating zealots regard every exhale as ‘pollution’ that is destroying the planet.

Even worse, the feral greens regard humanity as a noxious pollutant that needs to be stopped. I have always found it fascinating that those making these outlandish claims always seem to demand that ‘others’ remove themselves from the planet – never themselves.

For his many faults, Kevin Rudd isn’t a feral green but he can be accused of hypocrisy in seeking a more populous Australia whilst complaining about carbon dioxide as the great evil of our time.

But there are a number of broader issues that Mr Rudd has failed to consider in his ‘populate or perish’ agenda. Two of them are water and power infrastructure.

Many towns and cities are facing chronic water shortages. Water restrictions are in place for irrigators and households alike. The continued demands and pressure on the Murray Darling River system has had dire environmental consequences.

Yet Kevin Rudd wants to increase our water needs by growing our population by 15 million people while stopping critical infrastructure (dams) from being built to accommodate future needs.

A similar approach is being taken in regard to our electricity industry. Labor’s ill-named Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme (CPRS) will put pressure on the viability of our key power generators. In a nation already struggling to cope with our base load power requirements, what will be the impact of a 70 per cent increase in our population?

If anyone really thinks that wind and solar power will be able to replace our coal fired power then they are living in fantasy land.

Unfortunately, fantasy land appears to be exactly where Mr Rudd has decided to pitch his tent.

Any public figure can make grandiose claims and statements, characterising it as ‘strong and decisive leadership’. But leadership involves more than platitudes. A true leader considers the consequences of their utterances before making public statements. Australia needs a Prime Minister who has a stronger approach to policy than vocalising every thought bubble.

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