Politicians and the Pointless Pandemic

Every politicians response to the pointless pandemic is how they should be judged. It's time to show the same level of support they provided to us.

Politicians and the Pointless Pandemic
Photo by Edwin Hooper / Unsplash

I know it is easy to make fun of or criticise our politicians.

So many of them plod along in the best job they've ever had, barely troubling the scorer on matters of substance.

They'll claim to be busy on committees or out in the electorate but few pick up the truly substantive issues on our behalf.

Those that do, make a name for themselves which can kick-start or quash their political careers.

For most, it's far less risky to just follow the party line and hope that you get picked for higher duties based on gender, faction or geographic purposes. That's the traditional way.

Some are also chosen on the basis of self-preservation.

It's well known that some individuals are so destructive in their intent they leak mercilessly to a compliant media to damage those who stand in their way.

These types are often brought into the tent in an attempt to appease the crocodile by feeding it.

But this comment is about those who have been and continue to be truly looking after our interests.

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