Political Sugar Hit

The instant attraction of a recent political announcement may mask a calculated move that will actually entrench the political status quo. You can make the judgement as to net good or poor policy.

Political Sugar Hit
Photo by Myriam Zilles / Unsplash

I'm facing a thought dilemma today, and I'd like to know your views.

Yesterday, South Australian Premier Peter Malinauskas moved to ban all political donations.

Here's part of his announcement.

It was a bold move from a Premier with plenty of political capital in the bank.

I said as much on X when I saw the news, and for the record, the leadership mention was a reference to the hopeless former SA Premier Marshall and the completely useless SA Liberal Party.

I stand by those comments. I expect the electorate to welcome this move, which I suspect will also be welcomed by the Lib-Lab duopoly.

You see, they are the primary beneficiaries of taxpayer-funded payments for each vote they receive.

Banning donations will remove the burden of actually courting people to support them, enabling them to take even more voters for granted as they no longer need their money!

Despite that, a part of me supports the donation ban because I know how many politicians can be subtly compromised by the fundraising process.

However, another part of me thinks this is a bad move.

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