Past Predictions

The 'evidence' has never been accurate. Here's your daily news digest for 27 March 2023.

Past Predictions
Photo by petr sidorov / Unsplash
As Climate Experts Warn of Looming Catastrophe, Past Bad Predictions Hurt Their Message
Humanity only has a few years to act before the world may irreversibly plunge into an environmental catastrophe…


The Voice is the Biggest Ever Change to Australia’s Governance
The Voice is the Biggest Ever Change to Australia’s Governance. By Paul Kelly. This PC editor of The Australian is finally coming out swinging against the Voice. This referendum is a profound…
Not a fringe issue: the hairdressers trained to talk to their clients about climate change – video
A Brush with Climate workshops teach hairdressers the basics of the climate crisis and how to talk about the science and solutions with their clients
The real things we can do to improve the lives of Indigenous Australians - The Centre for Independent Studies
Northern Territory internal police data obtained by The Guardian last week shows a significant drop in domestic violence calls and …


The Strange Death of Irish Neutrality - The American Spectator | USA News and PoliticsThe American Spectator | USA News and Politics
The Irish-American party bosses of Tammany Hall are no longer kingmakers on the Potomac, but, still, there remain enough voters from Boston to Baltimore who count themselves Sons of Erin to justify inviting the Taoiseach (our prime minister) to the…
NATO carried out ‘inhumane experiment’ in Balkans – health minister
Depleted uranium shells caused cancer, birth defects, and infertility in Serbia, Danica Grujicic told national media
French Protesters Stand Up Against Globalism and NATO Warmongering
French protesters are standing up to NATO aggression on the European continent, holding massive demonstrations and calling for Macron to go.

Business, Finance & Investment

Visualizing the Link Between Unemployment and Recessions
This infographic examines 50 years of data to highlight a clear visual trend: recessions are preceded by a cyclical low in unemployment.
Regularly Selling Your Company Stock Is Probably A Good Idea
Some employers pay their employees with company stock as part of their total compensation package. This way, employees become owners and potentially feel a greater sense of duty towards the firm. If you don’t own any of your company’s stock, you might be less inclined to come in early or leave late.…
“It’s Getting Real”: Unease Over Banking Sector Turmoil Spurs Huge Demand For Physical Precious Metals
“On a dime, it turned around—big time. It’s unprecedented...”


Dem Bill Will Allow School Psychologists to ‘Kidnap’ Kids as Young as 12 - Remove from Homes Without Parental Consent
A bill proposed in California could make parents spectators to the medical treatment of their children.
Theologian Thunberg and the pseudo-religion | The Spectator Australia
Imagine that: it seems that Greta Thunberg is now a top theologian…? Yes, I realise that honorary degrees are usually not worth the paper they are printed on, but in what has to be the joke of the…
Denver Suburb Caps Number Of Gas Stations To ‘Promote Electric Vehicles’
A growing trend…

Crypto & Blockchain

Easy Crypto - The world’s choice for crypto
The world’s favourite place to buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Delivery in less than 2 minutes, easiest order process, and we’re open 24/7.
Ticketmaster sucks. Can blockchain be the cure?
Tying NFTs to tickets seems to be more than a fad: Concert tickets are inherently collectible, and NFTs can act as a bridge between the physical and digital worlds.
Owner of Major US Stock Exchange To Launch Crypto Custody Services by June: Report - The Daily Hodl
The parent company of a major US stock exchange is reportedly looking to launch crypto custody services by June.


Or perhaps high-fat foods just taste better? - The New Neo
I’m trying to figure this one out: The reason why we love french fries, crisps and chocolate bars so much has less to do with a lack of willpower and more to do with the brain learning to prefer such … Continue reading →

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