Self-responsibility, not government intervention, is the key to kicking obesity. Here's your daily news digest for 3 May 2023.

Photo by Jonathan Borba / Unsplash
Can you escape obesity?
The odds are stacked against the overweight


Why it’s a myth that Australia is a low-taxing country - The Centre for Independent Studies
Taxation statistics released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics last week were quite startling in a way that weakens the …
Athletes ‘frightened to say no’ to the Voice
Athletes ‘frightened to say no’ to the Voice. By Paige Taylor. Aboriginal leader Nyunggai Warren Mundine says pressure to support the Indigenous voice is so great that elite athletes confide to him…
Philip Lowe says rebounding property market among reasons for shock RBA rate increase
Governor of central bank says rate pause in April had given board ‘more time to assess the pulse of the economy’ before Tuesday’s increase to 11-year high


Marine Le Pen is revelling in the mayhem of Macron | The Spectator Australia
It is almost six years to the day since Marine Le Pen went head to head with Emmanuel Macron in a live television debate that came to be seen as the defining moment of the 2017 French presidential…
Is Scotland the most sexist country in Europe?
Women are being silenced, harassed and abused under Scotland’s gender regime.
How Palestinians Are Trying to Destroy Lebanon
According to these reports, Hamas could not have carried out the rocket attack without the blessing of Hezbollah, Iran’s terror proxy in Lebanon. ”[T]here are those who seek to turn Lebanon into a military base. What [Hamas] did [by firing missiles at

Business, Finance & Investment

Billionare Ray Dalio Predicts US Government Will Turn Money Printers Back On To Fund National Deficit - The Daily Hodl
Billionaire investor Ray Dalio believes that the US government will turn the money printers back on to save the country from defaulting on its massive debt.
The Recession Playbook: Three Strategies for Investors
How can investors prepare for a market downturn? What goes into a recession investment strategy? We look at three sectors to consider.
Charles Schwab and Other Big Banks May Be Secretly Insolvent | Manuel García Gojon
The taming of monetary policy necessary to slow price inflation has triggered a corrective trend in the valuation of financial instruments.


Portland Cops Rip ‘Hilariously Ridiculous’ Training on How to Interact with ‘LGBTQIA2S+ and Queer Communities’ | National Review
A report from a DEI consultant said the responses were ‘indicative of racism, ableism and white supremacy.’
‘Monte Python’ Star: ‘Biological Men In Women’s Sports Have an Unfair Advantage’
British comedian and Monte Python star John Cleese may be a celebrity, but that doesn’t mean he’s sold out for the progressive agenda. In fact, Cleese is an ardent critic of biological men competing in women’s sports, something most of his celebrity peers seem to have no problem with.
Pfizer Knew of COVID-19 Vax Risks to Breastfeeding Babies in April 2021
A search of Pfizer safety databases revealed a whopping 19% of babies exposed to the vax through their mothers’ breast milk developed adverse reactions.

Crypto & Blockchain

First Mover Asia: Bitcoin Market Cap Is Surging, but a Retreat From $30K Continues
PLUS: Western crypto innovators with great ideas are eyeing the East for tech-embracing governments and fresh opportunities. A West-East partnership may be crypto’s model for the future, the co-founder of Taipei-based Woo Network, Jack Tan, writes.
Easy Crypto - The world’s choice for crypto
The world’s favourite place to buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Delivery in less than 2 minutes, easiest order process, and we’re open 24/7.
US Man Pleads Guilty to Defrauding Banks and “Leading Crypto Exchange” of over $4M
Esteban Cabrera Da Corte, 26, the leader of a Miami crew, has pleaded guilty to defrauding US banks and ‘a leading crypto exchange’ of over $4M.


Bud Light Sales Fall26%
Videos by OutKick Bud Light sales continue to sink like a brick as the Dylan Mulvaney fallout nears it’s one-month anniversary. Congrats to the happy couple! The latest numbers are in, and the folks over at Anheuser-Busch may wanna look away. According to Beer Business Daily, Bud Light’s off-premise…

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