Obama's Terrible Legacy

Despite his status amongst the Left, Obama has a terrible record and it's time the truth was discussed.

Obama's Terrible Legacy
Photo by Stephen Mayes / Unsplash

There was a revelation this week that Barack Obama enlisted the assistance of Malcolm Turnbull to corral a wayward Donald Trump.

Of course Trump was wayward from the perspective of the Leftist princes who think they alone are entitled and suitably qualified to rule the world.

Well, the world now knows that when difficulties arise, the doyen of democratic royalty Obama calls on our very own Malcolm Turnbull.

What better entree into the billionaire elite Hampton hypocrite set for a poor boy made good than being besties with Barack.

I just wonder why Obama chose to confide his BFF status with Turnbull to left-wing writer and researcher Troy Bramston…all the way over here, when there are so many more captive media presences in the United States.

Anyway, Barry is clearly on a mission to rebuild the Trunbull, err sorry, that's what Trump called him…I mean the Turnbull brand…at least in America.

But is having Barry O onside all that it should be?

He has been given a free pass on his woeful presidency and if he is endorsing you, maybe its time to choose a better quality of person to hang out with.

Tonight’s talking points memo looks at some of President Obama’s legacy, not through the rose coloured glasses of the left, but through the crystal clear lens of reality.

  1. Obama was the celebrity President. Photogenic, Charismatic, a good reader of the teleprompter he was awarded a Nobel peace prize less than eight months into his first term.

    That gave him the honour of being the first peace prize winner to bomb another peace prize winner – the Médecins Sans Frontiers group hospital in Afghanistan – killing 42 people.
  2. Obama presided over the lowest labour force participation figures since 1978, is the only US President in history not to have presided over a single year of three per cent GDP growth and had over 20 million people living in extreme poverty through his entire presidency.
  3. Obama appointed Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State and claimed to know nothing about her illegal use of a private email server. This is despite evidence in an FBI report that he regularly used a pseudonym to contact her through that unsanctioned email address.
  4. Obama gave Iran more than $1.7 billion in cash and endorsed Iran's nuclear program, paving the way for Iran to potentially develop nuclear weapons. He also released Iranian spies whom the US Justice Department considered as threats to national security.
  5. During the Obama years, a US Senate committee found that an unknown number of migrant children were placed in homes where they were sexually abused, starved, or forced into slave labour. He also built border cages to keep other children imprisoned - which the Left later blamed on Trump..

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