Net Zero

The push for net zero is a push for control. Here's your daily news digest for 4 May 2023.

Net Zero
Photo by Ash from Modern Afflatus / Unsplash
The Push for ‘Net Zero Emissions’ is Climate Hoax Fiction, Not Energy Reality
Last August, Mark Mills, a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, published a prescient report entitled “The ‘Energy Transition’ Delusion: A Reality Reset.” The report demonstrates convincingly that the transition to Net Ze…


Mehreen Faruqi to sue Pauline Hanson over offensive tweet
Greens senator says she is ‘drawing a line in the sand’ after One Nation leader told her to ‘piss off back to Pakistan’
BOM Makes Heavy Weather Over Temperature Data
My request three years ago to obtain temperature data from the Bureau of Meteorology should have been a straightforward process, but what I encountered was a determination to obstruct and obfuscate.
Majority keeping the faith in religious schools
More than half of Australians surveyed – 57 per cent – thought religious schools should not be able to discriminate on the basis of faith.


Washington Frustrated with Allies Refusal to Enforce Sanctions on Russia | The Libertarian Institute
The White House is becoming frustrated with its partners in the Group of 7’s (G7) refusal to commit to its economic war against the Kremlin. After the invasion of Ukraine last year, President Joe Biden pledged to isolate Moscow and cripple the Russian economy. However, the Kremlin has found ample…
Russia to resume yuan purchases – Bloomberg
Accumulating foreign exchange reserves would be “highly symbolic” for Moscow as it shows the economy is stabilizing, Bloomberg says
Ireland Government’s Hate Speech Bill Promotes ‘Thought Crime Legislation’
Elon Musk calls bill a “massive attack on freedom of speech”…

Business, Finance & Investment

IBM To Replace Almost 8,000 Workers With Automation, AI | SHTF Plan
IBM is going to stop hiring humans, as the corporation shifts to automation utilizing artificial intelligence to get the work done. Technology is rapidly replacing the need for human beings, as humanity becomes obsolete.
Just in Time for ECB Rate-Hike Meeting: Eurozone Services Inflation Spikes to New Record. Overall Inflation Re-Accelerates
These nasty surprises just keep coming when inflation is broadly entrenched in the economy.
Banks Still Clamor for Cash as Funds Needed to Bolster Liquidity
(Bloomberg) -- The funding panic triggered by the shock collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and others in March may be subsiding, but the scramble for money by banks isn’t over.Most Read from BloombergJPMorgan Ends First Republic’s Turmoil After FDIC SeizureFirst Republic’s Jumbo Mortgages Brought On Ba…


Oklahoma Bans Chemical Castration & Genital Mutilation of Children
The Republican Governor of Oklahoma has signed legislation banning the trans genital and hormonal mutilation of children.
Politicized Intelligence Community: Danger to a Democracy
Teixeira, if convicted, is facing a lengthy prison sentence. Morrell, meanwhile, remains an esteemed national security figure who has members of the press defending his actions, even though they had an impact on the last election. Beyond Morrell, none of
Commentary: Man Who Thinks He Is a Woman Takes First in Women’s Category in Tour of the Gila Bike Race
Yet again, a man pretending to be a woman has beat out actual women to win a title in a women’s sporting event.

Crypto & Blockchain

The Role of Blockchain Technology in Financial Transactions
The banking industry has been shaken up by blockchain technology, which has changed how money is transacted.
UK Set to Ban Cold Calls Selling Financial Products, Including Crypto
The move is part of Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s strategy to tackle financial fraud in the country.
Easy Crypto - The world’s choice for crypto
The world’s favourite place to buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Delivery in less than 2 minutes, easiest order process, and we’re open 24/7.


Desperate Bud Light Is Now Literally Giving Beer Away as Mulvaney Backlash Continues: Report
The company that produces Bud Light has resorted to a desperate marketing tactic after backlash over a promotion deal with Dylan Mulvaney.

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