Masking the Madness

There are green shoots of sanity emerging from the mad muck we have been buried in for the past 18 months.

Masking the Madness
Photo by Tengyart / Unsplash

We've all become complacent about the madness erupting around us.

Seemingly sensible people are doing the darnedest things to 'save themselves' from the dreaded virus. By and large, what they are being asked to do by government is empty symbolism but compliance levels are high.

I know there are different requirements in different states of Australia but I will share a few from the Marshmallow State of South Australia.

It's so named because the person elected Premier, gave up his authority to a police officer, and has all the strength of a toasted marshmallow.

Let's kick off the craziness with my morning exercise class.

This entails going to a studio where one must wear a mask to enter the reception. There is also a requirement that no more than three people can be in the reception area at one time.

The class is then conducted in an adjoining room (which is not that much larger than the reception area) where we can take our masks off and exercise to our heart's content.

One can only conclude that the virus clearly takes a break when people perspire.

Then we have the dining madness.

Yesterday morning, as I was enjoying a coffee at my local cafe, I saw two men approach. Both were masked whilst walking down the street. One then went inside to order while the other sat at an outside table and immediately removed his mask.

It made me question why he had it on in the first place?

There is next to no chance of COVID being caught walking the streets and yet here we have people covering themselves until they reach the 'safe haven' of a restaurant table.

It is total virtue signalling by those who want to be seen as complying with the diktats of government.

I wish it were masks alone that represented the collective loss of critical thought.

In other States, there are 'health' determinations that prevent you drinking apple cider in public but support you drinking apple juice. You can travel a certain distance from home but break the law if you breach the permitted perimeter.

If you have more than a relative handful of people at a funeral you'll be fined, unless it's an Aboriginal funeral ( like in Port Lincoln recently) where hundreds gathered with no intervention.

I could go on listing the idiocy and double standards of these authoritarian responses but too few now seem to care.

The fear porn has simply proved too powerful. People have been scared into submission by panicked politicians.

There has to be a time when the people will realise that much of what they have been told over the past 18 months isn't sustained by data.

There is plenty of evidence of that if one cares to look.

We know the COVID death and hospitalisation figures are misleading. We know there has been conflicting advice on the efficacy of masks. We know alternative treatments are suppressed (and banned) despite medical evidence they help reduce the risk of serious illness.

We also know the vaccines being pushed are experimental which explains why they have only received provisional approval by local authorities. It also helps us understand why government have exempted the manufacturers from liability if anything goes wrong.

With all of the above it's easy to give up any hope that sanity will be restored.

However there are some green shoots emerging through the muck.

With every ridiculous arrest, with ever exposure of blatant lies and misrepresentation, with every 'dissenting' medical opinion, more are becoming aware of what is really going on.

I think the politicians know the game is up too.

That's why some are declaring lockdowns and border closures will be abandoned. Some are even dismissing the idea of limited freedoms for the unvaccinated.

It gives us hope that this latest attempt to coerce and control the populace is coming to an end.

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