Wearing a mask is bad for you. Here's your daily news digest for 16 May 2023.

Photo by Kobby Mendez / Unsplash
Mask-Wearers Are Poisoning Themselves - The American Conservative
Wearing a mask is bad for you, actually.


Spectator TV Australia: Special guest Warren Mundine talks nuclear energy and the Voice | The Spectator Australia
When Europe’s Green activists came to Australia they could not fathom our nation-wide ban on nuclear energy. For those convinced that the world is going to end in some sort of imminent carbon-dioxide…
Inquiry into Menindee ‘catastrophic fish deaths’ to consider ways to prevent future ecological disasters
Terms of reference include water monitoring data, environmental conditions and whether community consultation was sufficient
‘I believe in this project’: Premier vows he won’t back down on Hobart AFL stadium
A disgruntled former Tasmanian Liberal MP who quit the party over the stadium project says she will only support next week’s budget if stadium funding is clearly identified.


Who Wants to Destroy Israel? You Might Be Surprised.
It is the first time in Israel’s short history that a large-scale movement has been launched using undemocratic means to overthrow a democratically elected government. The new government, in fact, is trying to restore democracy – by reforming Supreme
Report: Russian Missile Strike Destroys MASSIVE Stockpile of NATO Depleted Uranium
A Russian strike on a Ukrainian weapons depot has reportedly destroyed a massive stockpile of NATO-supplied depleted uranium.
EU nation reveals cost of refugee crisis
Housing asylum seekers and refugees in hotels is costing Ireland’s tourism industry over €1 billion, local media outlets report

Business, Finance & Investment

The WEF Wants Equitable ‘Democratization’ Of Stock Markets
“Talent and intellect are equally distributed, opportunity is not...”
Gold on course for weekly drop on stronger dollar
Gold prices fell to a one-week low on Friday, and are on track for a weekly dip, weighed down by a stronger dollar and an uptick in U.S. bond yields.
The Pandemic Was An Experience In Hedging Your Life
One of the main reasons why I retired at age 34 was to hedge against an early death. When I was nine, my grandfather died from cancer and I clearly remember seeing my mother distraught for months. Then when I was 13, my 15-year-old friend died in a car accident. Here today, gone tomorrow is a joltin…


Woke Medicine’s God Complex
In Mary Shelley’s novel, Frankenstein; or, the Modern Prometheus, the title doctor who acted Creator teaches a valuable lesson. Driven by intense curiosity, ship captain and explorer Robert Walton presses Dr. Frankenstein for the secret b…
The revenge of the technocrats
Rishi Sunak’s u-turn on scrapping EU laws should worry all who believe in democracy.
Electric Vehicles: A Warning from Volkswagen | National Review
The Week of May 8, 2023: China’s EV opportunity, regulation, the Fed, markets and much, much, more.

Crypto & Blockchain

Easy Crypto - The world’s choice for crypto
The world’s favourite place to buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Delivery in less than 2 minutes, easiest order process, and we’re open 24/7.
Bitcoin addresses holding 1 BTC or more reach one million: Glassnode
The number of Bitcoin wallet addresses holding one whole BTC or more, has reached the one million mark for the first time, with roughly 200,000 of the newest wholesalers joining the ranks in 2022.
G-7 Finance Ministers Discuss Crypto Regulation Ahead of Japan Summit Next Week
Representatives for the seven advanced economies signaled a commitment to following norms set by standard-setters FSB and IMF on crypto and central bank digital currencies.


*Transformer: The Deep Chemistry of Life and Death* - Marginal REVOLUTION
By Nick Lane, here is one excerpt: Should NASA and other space agencies back missions to Mars, or to the icy moons of Saturn and Jupiter, Enceladus and Europa? If light is essential for the origin of life, then Enceladus is the last place to look, as those who favour warm ponds are quick to […]

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