Manipulating the Masses

A stage hypnotist provides an example of how easily some minds are manipulated. It helps to explain how the government got away with the greatest psyop in history,

Manipulating the Masses
Photo by Rishabh Dharmani / Unsplash

After sweltering through a long weekend, it's back to business as usual, with a welcome change in the temperature expected over the week,

One saving grace of the 40-degree weekend was that the electricity supply held up, so we could run the fans and air conditioners. I have no doubt their operation came at a high cost, but it was worth it.

The weather didn't prevent all outside activity though.

My wife and I attended some acts at the Fringe Festival, which is taking place in the parklands east of the city.

The Fringe is billed as the largest festival in the Southern Hemisphere and second in the world to Scotland's renowned Edinburgh Festival.

It's fair to say that not every performance we saw was my cup of tea. I'm not sure why a magic show needs full-frontal nudity or why a comedian thinks abortion jokes are suitable for a family audience.

I suppose it's called 'fringe' for a reason.

There was one act that I thoroughly enjoyed, even if I am still questioning how real it was.

It featured hypnotist Matt Hale, who mesmerised volunteer audience members into doing all manner of laughable acts.

I enjoyed the performance because it was never designed to humiliate or denigrate volunteers. It was all done in good taste and good fun.

I also saw that some volunteers were not into it or were not very good at pretending they were.

Mr Hale saw this, too, and carefully weeded them out from his performance.

He was eventually left with around a dozen women on the stage who appeared programmed to do various acts when triggered by a command.

It was hilarious, and a part of me wants to go back and see someone I know undertake the experience for themselves. Strangely, I have no desire to do it myself.

This will give you a taste of what the show is like.


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