Mad Government is Contagious

The Premiers are proving to be even more hopeless than we thought. It's driving us all mad.

Mad Government is Contagious
Photo by Yogendra Singh / Unsplash

Okay, I admit I can't help myself.

The insanity of what is going on, together with direct health impacts on people I know has forced me back to the computer.

I'll resume a few more days of holiday mode after getting this off my chest!

First off, the Australian Premiers are dumber than I thought.

After a year of promising life getting back to normal if the populace get the jab, they went and opened the borders.

The (real) science tells us that the double, triple and quadruple jabbed can still catch and transmit COVID so why the sudden panic when it re-emerges?

The reaction by the fools in charge has exposed just how thick they are.

First off they are back-tracking on normality and resuming their shutdowns of businesses and quarantining of people who aren't even sick. Many more businesses have been forced to close because they can't get staff - because they think they'll get COVID and will have to be locked up.

Even the testing regime is a total farce.

Healthy people are being forced to queue for hours to prove they aren't sick.

Then there is the vaxx quacks.

Despite not being safe or effective, the booster jabs are being brought forward and even forced on young children. It's a disgrace.

I have personal friends who have developed serious heart and other conditions within days of being jabbed with the experimental mRNA concoctions.

Some of them have also caught COVID and were forced to close their businesses as a result.

Now , as Israel contemplates mandating a fourth jab, scientists are warning that too many jabs may actually inhibit the body's capacity to fight COVID-19.

Israel Considers 4th Vaccine Dose, but Some Experts Say It’s Premature
Some scientists warn that too many shots might actually harm the body’s ability to fight the Covid-19 virus. But Israeli experts say there isn’t time to wait.

Remember, all this was implemented two years ago as a two week imposition to 'flatten the curve' and ease the pressure on the hospital system

Well the curve is flat. Apparently, one person has died from Omicrom strain that is causing all this panic and even the medicos are now saying people are dying with COVID rather than from it.

The flu is also making a comeback and that has killed more children every year than COVID ever has. I guess the losers masquerading as leaders will be shutting us down for that too.

At what point do we state that the conventional 'mainstream' advice has been a load of bunkum?

The so-called fringe dwellers and conspiracy theorists have been more correct than the experts.

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