Listening to the Experts

In a mad, mad world why do we surrender common sense to the opinion of 'experts'?

Listening to the Experts

Let me get straight to the point. The world has gone mad and common sense is, to coin a phrase,  dead, buried and cremated.

Instead we are living under the tyranny of experts who always claim to know what's best for us, no matter how many times they're proven wrong.

It used to be just politicians who would tell us what to do, until political expediency caused them to change their mind.

But now almost every facet of life is politicised to such an extent that we can no longer rely on what we are told.

Do you remember when the experts told us coffee was bad for us, until they decided it helped our health. It was the same with eggs.

Experts told us the world would enter an ice age in the 1970s. Then they said the planet would be cooked and we'd all be burnt to a crisp by 2014.

Now, according to the experts we only have ten years till doomsday. Is it only me or does that now sound like the famed sandwich board crank proclaiming end times rather than a person we should trust.

Only a year or so ago we were told debt is a destroyer of nations but now apparently deficits don't matter.

Do you recall that Coronavirus was going to be worse than the Spanish flu but that didn't stop politicians telling us to go to Chinese restaurants to prove we aren't racist.

A couple of months ago masks don't matter…until they become compulsory.

Experts tell us the media ( especially their ABC)  is unbiased, and it is,  as long as you ignore the de-platforming of those they disagree with.

Right now, black lives matter…unless they are children in Aboriginal communities.

And in the early days of the internet, social media was going to liberate free speech and opinion but in reality it has enslaved many and holds the rest of us captive to the greatest censorship in history.

These are just some of the areas where the opinion of 'experts' have trumped common sense.

Next time you hear someone claim we need to 'respect the science' or 'listen to the experts' I recommend you ignore everything they say after that.

Real progress is made by questioning, probing and challenging what is presented to us so we can truly understand the motives behind the words.

That doesn't mean every expert will be wrong but I think you'll find the advice most freely given is more likely to benefit those that provide it rather than the rest of us.

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