A World in Disorder

A new report exposes the true cost behind the Corona panic and sets the scene for what is to come.

A World in Disorder

Earlier in the week I highlighted the agenda behind the 'Great Reset' and how COVID -19 was just another excuse for its implementation.

Despite the evidence presented, it provoked an extraordinary reaction from the brainwashed who  accused me of fuelling conspiracy theories and ignoring how dangerous this Coronavirus is.

Firstly, I have written many times about the reality of this pandemic. Covid-19 is not as dangerous as the fear mongers make it out to be. The mortality rate attributed to it has been hopelessly compromised. As the rate of deaths decline we now see a pivot to  'cases' as they are almost guaranteed to keep rising.

The more testing that's done will naturally show more cases, even though many of the 'victims' have few, if any symptoms.

We now  hear some health experts suggesting that if a person is asymptomatic they can't even pass this virus on. We also know that there are many false positive tests but you won't read much about that. It's much better to keep a heightened level of fear among the populace.

Authoritarians know that a fearful population is generally a compliant one. That's been demonstrated right here as once cherished freedoms and property rights have been surrendered  in the name of 'safety'.

Few seem to care that representative government has virtually ground to a halt with dictatorial powers being granted to State Premiers with little challenge.

The entire approach is costing us dearly - both in societal and financial terms. This pandemic  response is estimated to have cost the global economy $11 trillion already with another $10 trillion bill still to come!

They're the latest figure from the World Health Organisation, published in a recent report "A World in Disorder". The report paints an alarming picture, not because of Corona but because of what they want to do now in response to it.

The forward to the report clearly outlines the agenda the internationalists have in store for us.

The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed a collective failure to take pandemic prevention, preparedness and response seriously and prioritize it accordingly. It has demonstrated the fragility of highly interconnected economies and social systems, and the fragility of trust.

This is nonsensical. This mob can't even agree on how best to tackle a known pandemic. They started by saying border closures were racist and unnecessary, then they were critical. Lockdowns were vital but are now considered ineffective. Masks did nothing but now they are compulsory.  When they haven't got a clue about the current pandemic, how can they possibly know what to do in response to the next mystery virus.

It has exploited and exacerbated the fissures within societies and among nations. It has exploited inequalities, reminding us in no uncertain terms that there is no health security without social security. COVID-19 has taken advantage of a world in disorder.

Nothing has exploited the division within society more than lefty globalists and their damaging identity politics. Their political acolytes have stoked racial tension at every opportunity and sewed the seeds of global unrest.

The last century has witnessed numerous developments and innovations that have improved and prolonged lives the world over. But the same advances have also created unprecedented vulnerability to fast moving infectious disease outbreaks by fueling (sic) population growth and mobility, disorienting the climate, boosting interdependence, and generating inequality.

Here we see the old population control agenda come to the fore. Once again humans are considered  a cancer on the planet and are 'disorienting the climate'. The only way I can see how denying people cheap and affordable electricity with which to power progress, innovation and wealth will help inequality, is if it makes us all poorer. Is that really what they want?

The reference to 'mobility' is also telling. Despite the insistence of the left that we would all be better off complying with directives issued by unelected UN bureaucrats under one world order,  they also want to blame the pesky free movement of people for current problems.

Much better to keep everyone tethered to their home country unless of course you are a 'refugee' from climate change or some other pet UN cause. Borders don't matter then and you have every right to go country shopping for the most attractive welfare state!  

The destruction of tropical rain forests has increased the opportunities for transmission of viruses from wild animals to humans.

I wasn't aware that rainforest clearing in China, or anywhere else for that matter was linked to Covid-19. Weren't we told originally it emerged  from a vile meat market in Wuhan?

There is also increasing evidence that this virus didn't come from Bats alone but was engineered in the Wuhan labs.  Dr. Li-Meng Yan, a Chinese virologist has released a paper, co-authored with three other scientists, that concludes:

" Unusual Features of the SARS-CoV-2 Genome Suggesting Sophisticated Laboratory Modification Rather Than Natural Evolution and Delineation of Its Probable Synthetic Route"

If that conclusion is accurate its little wonder the Chinese Communist Party are so upset that Australia wants an inquiry as to the origin of Covid-19. Regrettably, the inquiry is being conducted by the WHO, an organisation captive to private funders with their own agenda and is far too close to the Chinese government.

The WHO report continues:

We have created a world where a shock anywhere can become a catastrophe everywhere, while growing nationalism and populism undermine our shared peace, prosperity and security. Infectious diseases feed off divisiveness; societal divisions can be deadly.

The above statement is just more contradictory babble. Earlier they proclaimed the problem was exacerbated because of our global inter-connectedness and now they lay blame at citizens supporting their own national self-determination. They even blame the populists (I think they really mean Donald Trump and anyone else who doesn't fall into line with the UN) for societal divisions despite the fact that the problem really lays at the feet of the left elite.

The pandemic is far from over. Some countries have been relatively successful in suppressing the virus, protecting their populations, saving millions of lives. Others have not. Close to a million lives have been lost to COVID-19. The devastating economic and societal impact of COVID-19 reminds us, yet again, of the centrality of investment in pandemic preparedness to human security, and the need to reconsider how national security budgets are spent.

Here's the most truthful bit so far. The pandemic is far from over! That's because they don't want it to be over before their goals are complete and the Great Reset can commence.

It's worth pointing out the 'one million Covid-19 deaths' include victims of motor vehicle accidents (with no symptoms), those who had days to live due to cancer and people who didn't even have the virus. In some places, the dead weren't even tested for COVID-19 post mortem....it was just presumed they had it so they went on the victim list.

The devastating economic and societal impact of the virus has been caused by the response to it at the urging of the WHO and others. Many governments and leaders have hidden behind the shield of 'health authorities' and 'modelling' rather than common sense.

At one time we were told that 41 million people would die from Corona but with no explanation as to how that figure was determined. It was only later, after the world had shutdown and lost its way, that the modelling was exposed as clumsily manufactured by a research firm with a track record of dodgy predictions.

Those that did buck the system (like Sweden) were widely condemned. As most national leaders don't have the strength of character to stand up to unelected global bullies and media criticism, they were cowed into compliance.

Only now are people starting to see how these unwitting political pawns have done irreparable damage to our society and our economy. Remember that next time they ask for your vote.

If you'd like to read "A World in Disorder" for yourself you can do so here.

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