Let the Animals Have a Voice

The extent of the world's absurdity is encapsulated by the publication of an academic journal arguing that animals should have voting rights.

Let the Animals Have a Voice
Photo by Zachariah Smith / Unsplash

If you need more than the current state of geopolitics to put you into the fetal position, please don't consider what passes for academic thought today.

And whatever you do, don't go to the Oxford University Press website seeking wisdom.

Not short of self-belief, the OUP states:

Since 2005, the talented authors, staff, and friends of Oxford University Press provide (sic) daily commentary on nearly every subject under the sun, from philosophy to literature to economics.

OUPblog is a source like no other on the blogosphere for learning, understanding and reflection, providing academic insights for the thinking world.

We can forgive the grammatical error in their boast, but the claim to provide "academic insights for the thinking world" could be a tad too much puffery.

If you do happen to stumble upon this esteemed publication, you'll be confronted by academic insight like this:

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