Lady Liberals & Show Phonys

Lady Liberals & Show Phonys

What a week it has been.

Avowed socialists have won a whopping majority in Victoria thanks to weak opposition and the Federal government is listing badly after a defection because of ‘bullying’ and ‘sexism’.

I have heard such words before and they are usually the refuge of those who haven’t a credible case to mount. It’s no coincidence that they are also usually used by those who don’t get what they want and so they then start to embrace and repeat the slurs of the intellectually bereft left.

This week we also saw the Greens party’s prime show phony Sarah Hanson-Young claim her turgid performance and histrionics over the past decade has been due to sexism. She clearly doesn’t realise that her hopelessness and rotten ideas aren’t a product of her gender but of the loathsome ideology she espouses.

There was even a claim by a Labor senator that, the ‘tone’ used by a Coalition Senator during a formal motion was sexist. Honestly, you cannot make this garbage up. But such nonsense isn’t confined to the kooky Greens and Labor.

Lady Liberals are now piling on to the supposed endemic sexism and bias in the party. Surprisingly, they remained silent while they rose through the ranks and participated in every Machiavellian maneuver to advance their careers but now they can afford to ‘speak out’ to ‘make change’.

Their new suggestion is for the Liberals to become an even closer imitation of Labor.

Some Cabinet ministers are peddling the myth that if the Libs embrace the global warming scam, build bigger government and whack Australians with a few new taxes, all the Party’s problems will be fixed. Given the chance, it wouldn’t surprise me if some would simply rather outsource all government to the UN so we can be deemed internationally compliant and remove the battle of ideas altogether.

It smacks of everything that is wrong with politics. Self-serving tripe, built around identity politics.

I don’t doubt the public are heartily sick of it and welcome the government’s announcement of an early budget and likely election date. We now have six months or so before we can choose a new government.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t really matter if the red team or the blue team wins. The rest of us will still lose because they are in it for themselves rather than for what they can do for the Australian people.

The last ten years of politics have been disastrous for our country and there are no signs anything will change.

That’s why the Senate is the most important vote we will all have. It is there that maximum influence can be brought to bear on the policy outcomes that truly matter for our future. It’s why the Australian Conservatives will be seeking to build a stronger presence in the Senate by electing our amazing candidates in every state.

Now more than ever, we need some common sense, some unwavering principles and true leadership in our parliament. In six months, we’ll all have an opportunity to make that happen.

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