Kerr's (alleged) Slur

The plight of anti-racist woke footballer Sam Kerr highlights the absurdity of hurt-feeling laws, but racism toward white people is still racism, even if the Left claims it's not.

Kerr's (alleged) Slur

The Western world is slowly destroying itself as the insanity of woke ideology and victimhood culture devours common sense and resilience.

The latest example is that of celebrity lesbian and Australian Matilda's captain Sam Kerr.

I only mention her sexuality because it seems to be attached to every story about her. So it would be remiss of anyone commenting on her latest embodiment of acceptance, peace and tolerance, not to mention it.

Of course, like every other story about this athlete, it has no real bearing on this one except to lampoon the idiocy of using sexual preference as some identity badge or shield.

In any event, Kerr is in a spot of bother. She's been charged with racially abusing a police officer in the United Kingdom.

The media reports that Kerr, allegedly fresh from chucking up in a taxi from a booze bender, there was a dispute over the fare, and the police were called.

The officer was allegedly called a 'stupid white bastard' or words to that effect by the supposedly inebriated Kerr.

She was subsequently charged with racially aggravated harassment and a hearing is scheduled to take place on April 26.

Her defence team are expected to try to dismiss the case, claiming there was an abuse of process.

The Daily Mail writes:

Judge Judith Elaine Coello said she understood Kerr's defence will be that she did not intend to cause alarm, harassment or distress to the police officer and that her slur was not racially motivated. 

Now, I don't know whether Kerr did what is alleged, but if true, how can it be argued it wasn't racially motivated?

Unless of course, you are prepared to argue that only white people can be racist or that an avowed anti-racist isn't being a racist when saying racist things.

Here's the anti-racist Kerr in her own words.


As I see it, there are two real issues here.

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