Just the Facts about Labor’s CPRS

The advocates for catastrophic climate change theory will tell you that immediate action is necessary to save the planet for the next generation. Others will argue that nothing Australia does to reduce carbon dioxide emissions will affect the climate at all and in fact will just stifle prosperity.

I have to admit I am in the latter category.

The Rudd Government’s proposal to address ‘dangerous climate change’ is simply a massive tax hidden behind the innocuous description of a Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme (CPRS). In considering the Government’s scheme there are a few things you need to know.

Firstly, carbon dioxide is not a pollutant. It is vital for life on earth. Secondly, even if Australia shut down all CO2 emissions immediately, it would make no difference to the climate. Thirdly, a CPRS will transfer billions of dollars from the productive economy to an inefficient and wasteful Government. Finally, when business costs go up, every consumer pays the price.

In the case of the CPRS, the cost of food, electricity, building materials, in fact virtually everything, will rise. And for what purpose?

Well, we will be saving the planet, or so they want you to think. The problem I have with these claims comes down to the motives of the strongest advocates.

There are basically three types of supporters of the CPRS.

The first are the refugees from the extreme left who have made a new nest in the green movement. They have swapped their red flags for green thumbs and want the heavy hand of government to play a bigger role in all our lives.

Next are those who will profit from a trading scheme. These include the peddlers of green industry solutions and the investment bankers who stand to make billions buying and selling entitlements.

Then, of course, we have the political class. Right now it is expedient to support action on climate change because it seems popular and gives the Government billions of additional dollars in revenue.

I would suggest that a CPRS seems popular because most Australians have no idea what an emissions trading scheme is or how it will work.

Now, if you don’t fit into one of those groups and you support Australia taking action ahead of the rest of the world and introducing the CPRS, I would suggest that no one has really explained it to you.

Rudd’s scheme is an extra tax, plain and simple. It will do nothing to lower global temperatures, produce more rain or prevent drought.

In fact, aside from putting more of your money into the Government’s pocket, creating a massive bureaucracy, exporting Australian jobs and industry and hurting Australia’s prosperity, it won’t do very much at all.

You would do well to question the motives of anyone who tells you otherwise.

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