Just Stupid

Another Blaktivist shatters the credibility of Minister Linda Burney. This time over Australia Day.

Just Stupid
Photo by Nick Fewings / Unsplash

Another day and another revelation about the real agenda behind The Voice. 

This week The Daily Telegraph’s James Campbell reports that:

“A member of Anthony Albanese’s Referendum Engagement Group on the proposed Voice to Parliament has described Australia as “a nation without a soul” and believes Australia Day should be axed.”

Teela Reid, a member of the Referendum Engagement Group, was described by the PM as part of the next generation of “remarkable” Indigenous leaders, is an advocate for reparations to Indigenous people and said the Voice should be “the first step in redistributing power”.

Her push to axe Australia Day make a mockery of the claims of Minister Linda Burney, who has consistently demonstrated a remarkable ability to have no idea about her own portfolio. 

According to Reid, the ‘remarkable’ Aboriginal leader 

“It might be the Australian Government “preference” to keep things like Australia Day, but trying to limit the scope of what the people can advocate for to change is just stupid.”

And therein lies one of the problems with the Voice.

No matter what Burney and the other voice proponents say, they cannot control the ambition of the black activists who will seize power if the referendum succeeds.

The advocates know this but don’t want you to know.

If they don’t, you should discount their opinion because they are what Lenin would describe as useful idiots

Dividing this country by race and allowing a tribal house of lords to rule over us, is the most regressive step in the proud history of Australia. 

Or as Teela Reid might say ‘just stupid’.

Vote no to the Voice. 

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