Intellectuals for Sale

The number of intellectuals who have let down the cause of freedom over these terrible years is astonishing.

Intellectuals for Sale
Photo by engin akyurt / Unsplash
Intellectuals for Sale ⋆ Brownstone Institute
We’ve lived through this and seen too much to have the same level of trust we once had. What can we do? We can rebuild the ideal as it existed in the old world. The kind of genius we know was on display in a place like Salamanca, or in interwar Vienna, or even in the coffee houses of London in the 18th century, can return, even if on a small level.


‘WA wins at the expense of Australia’: Economists urge GST change amid warnings of political fallout
WA’s revised GST deal is set to cost the federal government $50 billion over a decade, not $39 billion as estimated, economists say, warning that it’s not justified and should be changed.
Shocking mismanagement of the Opera House protests must be investigated | The Spectator Australia
The scenes at Sydney’s Opera House on October 9, catapulted around the world, tarnished Australia’s international reputation as a multicultural success story. I remember that night vividly.


Anti-Conscription Protests Emerge in Ukraine | The Libertarian Institute
The women of a village took to the streets to block any potential Ukrainian military officials from entering their town and taking more men off to the war. The protest broke out as the Ukrainian government searches for solutions to the troop shortage. Tuesday’s rally took place in a region…
UK to face long-term cost of Brexit – Goldman Sachs
Britain’s real GDP has underperformed its economic peers by 5% since its exit from the EU, Goldman Sachs has said
The DNC’s Standard Illegal Immigration Sophistries
“Illegal Alien” Is One of Many Correct Legal Terms for “Illegal Immigrant” &…

Business, Finance & Investment

Jamie Dimon believes U.S. debt is the ‘most predictable crisis’ in history—and experts say it could cost Americans their homes, spending power and national security
According to Dimon we’re ten years off that outcome, but experts say it won’t look great when it gets here.
Central bank Gold demand will be strong for the foreseeable future – TDS
Last year, central banks purchased a near-record 1,037t of Gold and a record 1,082 tonnes in 2022.


Christians Are Livid Over ‘He Gets Us’ Super Bowl Commercial - ‘Pure Blasphemy’
Jesus is cool. And he’s cool with our sin and stuff, right? ’Cause he gets us. Wait a minute! What in the world is this ad saying?
New study finds that CO2 is increasing the rate by which the globe is greening, even under drought
The study found that increased plant growth, called “greening,” accelerated in 55.15% of the globe, while browning, which is where plants are decreasing in greening, occurred in only 7.28%.

Crypto & Blockchain

Easy Crypto - The world’s choice for crypto
The world’s favourite place to buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Delivery in less than 2 minutes, easiest order process, and we’re open 24/7.
Aussie Crypto Analyst Jason Pizzino Says Expect Pullbacks Amid Bitcoin Bull
Pizzino discusses the “everything bubble” and suggests that a peak in stocks, real estate, and crypto could occur around 2026.


The Deindustrialization of Europe in Five Charts
Industrial electricity use in the EU is collapsing. US policymakers “Have no excuse for not looking at Europe and learning.”

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