Infiltrating the West

The Chinese Communist Party has been digging its tentacles into many western institutions. The passive compliance or ignorance of many governments has emboldened the communist state

Infiltrating the West

It shouldn’t surprise anyone  that the Chinese Communist Party has been placing its members in strategic government and commercial positions around the world.

They have been actively infiltrating key western organisations for a long time now.

In Australia they have effectively bought some of our universities and our academics. They have sought to influence politics through donations, candidate support and staff placements. We know hundreds of Chinese government spies come here every year mixed among the hoards of tourists.

The Chinese Communist Party are responsible for repeated cyber attacks on our security and intelligence services, including parliament house and ASIO.

We also know that the Chinese have bought their way into influence at the very highest levels of government through cash for access schemes – reaching right up to the presumptive next president of the United States Joe Biden.

Because we know all of that, and we also know how petulant and nasty the Communists are, we can take precautions to protect ourselves.

That’s what makes the leak of 1.9 million Chinese Communist Party member details so illuminating. It shows just how unintelligent some of our supposed intelligence services can be.

How is it that CCP members come to be working in the Australian Embassy in Beijing? Isn’t that like inviting a red fox into the henhouse?

The official explanation is that the hire of Chinese nationals have to go through a Chinese government agency the Shanghai Foreign Agency Service Department.

Australia has been hiring staff through that agency for at least five years.

Now who would have thought that using a CCP company to hire staff might throw a few Chinese spies and CCP members into the mix. Personally I’d be surprised if anyone put forward by this company wasn’t actually an agent of Communist China.

It may well be that our intelligence agencies are all over this but I wonder how many Australian’s personally hand vetted by our own government are working in the Chinese embassy here in Canberra.

I suspect the answer is zero and one could imagine the outcry if we insisted upon it.

This is just another example of how China plays by different rules and by turning a blind eye, and remaining silent, the Western World is sealing its own fate.

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