Importing More Madness

The madness of the government borrow and spend agenda is more contagious than COVID.

Importing More Madness
Photo by Ehud Neuhaus / Unsplash

We’ve talked before about the Build Back Better narrative being pushed by leaders around the world. It isn’t a phrase they spontaneously all came up with at the same time, but an agenda being pushed by the World Economic Forum.

It’s all about reinventing capitalism, making government even bigger and enslaving the populace through welfare, debt and reliance on the largesse of politicians.

It’s also an agenda built on a pile of lies a propaganda.

Nowhere is that more evident than in the United States where whomever is telling Joe Biden what to do, has advanced the world’s largest boondoggle.

There used to be a phrase in politics - A billion dollars here, a billion there….pretty soon it all adds up to some serious money!

I only wish that were the case because now it’s multi trillion dollar programs being rolled out.

The Biden administration has a$4.9 trillion dollar build Back Better plan they claim is fully paid for. It is magic pudding economics straight from the Bernie Sanders socialist playbook.

Apparently spending trillions of borrowed money reduces the deficit and is fully paid for.

It creates tax credits for wealthy owners of electric vehicles and an army of environmental activists through the

Civilian climate corps’.

This paramilitary wing of the socialist greens will comprise 300k members paid to do environmental activism  and change the climate.

It’ll cost billions but that’s a small price to pay to stop these youngsters from having to get a real job.

Instead, they can become taxpayer funded apparatchiks of the Democratic party fostering the cause of the global left movement throughout America.

This is what the one proud land of the free has been reduced to – creating a mendicant population of social justice warriors saving the world from the evils of capitalism.

They claim to be taxing the rich, stimulating the economy, helping the working class and creating a better country.

It’s a con job. They are doing the exact opposite of what they claim to be doing.

And it’s a playbook that has been adopted by the political left in countries right around the western world – the UK, Canada, New Zealand, through most of Europe and here in Australia.

Why do you think our own green left are so quiet lately…could it be that their policies are being adopted by others so they don’t want to interrupt while their will is being done?

I can tell you now, that those that follow this Build back better agenda kicked off by the Biden administration are heading for disaster.

We’ve already got so many problems to deal with here, we don’t need to import this madness too.

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