Homosexual militants’ agenda being exposed

Homosexual militants’ agenda being exposed

The public spat over redefining marriage is reaching a new level of absurdity with the homosexual activists now being exposed as the intolerant hypocrites they have always been.

Whilst demanding others conform to their agenda, they have regularly employed the tactics of totalitarianism whilst claiming to be the victims.

For years, those who support the view that marriage is between a man and a woman have been subject to abuse and slurs from the alphabet mafia. Anyone voicing their support for the status quo is derided as being a dinosaur, a homophobe or an intolerant bigot.

The hollow men and women of politics have joined in the chorus of abuse whilst demanding that a plebiscite to determine the matter would be rather nasty and could hurt some people’s feelings.

Strangely, the hypocrites define nastiness as saying anything that they disagree with. I acknowledge that there are, unfortunately, some people on the pro-traditional marriage side that spout vitriol but the homosexual marriage advocates often seem blind to the viciousness from their side.

We have already seen them use the publicly-funded tribunals to complain of those who have a different view. Recently they forced a hotel to cancel a meeting of those committed to protecting marriage because of concerns about the safety of staff.

A similar incident happened to me on a scheduled speaking engagement in Sydney some months ago. So aggressive were the activists, not only did the hotel cancel the booking but I was required to have police escorts to the rearranged function.

My electorate office signage has been repeatedly vandalised by the rainbow movement and my staff threatened and office trashed by queer theory protesters. Incredibly, one of these protesters was picked up from school by her parents and dropped at the violent demonstration because ‘it was a good cause’.

Social media is a cesspit of bullying and hate from the homosexual militants and their supporters. Any comment supporting marriage is responded to by a flood of angry social justice warriors claiming the moral high ground. Some are so captured by their own ego that they respond to almost any comment with a reference to their own sexual identity and their personal demands.

Their vitriol also extends to gay people who don’t agree with homosexual marriage, as evidenced by the abuse Josh Manuatu – a staffer of Senator Eric Abetz – has ensured for speaking his mind. Josh writes:

“I know of countless people in a similar position to me who are gay and conservative who think that the Safe Schools program is bad and that marriage should remain the same but who are too afraid to speak out for fear of being attacked by the PC lefty lynch mob.”

As I mentioned before, it is getting rather nasty but the responsibility for that lies on one side of the debate. Those protesting the most are the team responsible for the abuse.

Which brings me to ask: why are they so angry? Who really knows, but I suspect it has something to do with a dawning realisation that their true agenda is being exposed like never before.

So outrageous have the methodology and demands of this group become that they are alienating many who might otherwise support them. The politically-driven Safe Schools program, gender theory workshops for pre-schoolers and unisex toilets all alarm people of clear minds and good will.

The latest proposal debated in the Victorian Parliament was about allowing individuals to reclassify their own gender every twelve months and have it recorded on their birth certificate.

That’s right, this year you can be a female and next a male…and so on. It would certainly make sport a more interesting place. If gender is solely determined by the will of the individual then we could see men make the move to women’s sport. 

In fact we already have, with the South African runner Caster Semenya winning gold in the women’s 800m at the Rio Olympics. The fact that this woman has no womb, no ovaries, high testosterone, facial hair and a male sexual organs doesn’t seem to concern anyone. Little wonder ‘she’ beats the other women so easily.

So if the Victorian gender jumping proposal gets up who knows what other crossover sport enthusiasts we may see.

We are now truly reaching a level of absurdity that few would ever have anticipated but more are becoming aware of every single day. That’s the real reason the activists don’t want a plebiscite. They fear it will fail and if it does, make no mistake, it will be all their own doing.

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