Here's Hoping I'm Wrong

Making forecasts on political and societal events is a tricky business. On these three, I want to be 100% wrong.

Here's Hoping I'm Wrong
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"In this world, nothing can be said to be certain except death and taxes."

We can't even be sure who was originally responsible for that quote as it has been attributed to both Mark Twain and Benjamin Franklin.

A version of it has been credited to actor Christopher Bullock in 1716.

No matter who coined the phrase its truth remains.

That's why the business of forecasting is fraught with peril. Things can change very quickly which may radically alter the predicted outcomes.

That doesn't mean the forecast was always wrong, just that the data set changed.

Nonetheless, I like standing astride the barbed wire fence so here are three predictions for the months ahead.

Firstly, I think Labor will win the Federal election. I don't particularly want them too but the Coalitions late policy advances will prove to be too little, too late.

I regret the Liberals have abandoned their founding tenets in recent years. There is no longer any real commitment to freedom, free enterprise, self-reliance, smaller government or financial sobriety.

Instead we have a cornucopia of ideas designed to save politicians jobs rather than make the country better.

It's the reason left them back in 2016.

Believe me when I say Labor will accelerate the decline of the nation faster than the Coalition, but based on current trajectory, it's only a matter of how fast we get to the collapse point.

No matter who wins, at some stage in the months ahead the pandemic will again be front and centre.

Both political tribes have tried to dial down the experience of the past two years because they know the voters know they have been conned. That's been driving voters into the arms of the minor parties.

When the election is done, the pretence of putting the pandemic behind us will be dropped.

No government willingly gives up power over the people and they'll find some means to instil further fear in the populace.

It'll likely be done under the guise of the international pandemic treaty which delivers a form of global response powers into the hands of the United Nations and their associated bodies.

This will be an effective surrender of sovereignty to the same bureaucrats who lied to us so often in recent years.

My final prediction is that Europe will be plunged into war within the next year.

The catalyst will be the Russia Ukraine conflict which has only demonstrated that neither Europe nor the United States have any desire to de-escalate hostilities.

This is a proxy war to replace Putin and every opportunity has been taken to escalate the tension.

The US Vice President publicly supported Ukraine's NATO ambitions which directly contravene a neutrality pact. The USA has also been funding the civil war against ethnically Russian Ukrainians who were promised a vote on independence in 2014.

That vote has never materialised and instead, the ethnic Russians have been denied language rights, subject to gruesome brutality and denial of human rights by the puppet Ukrainian government.

It's no surprise the Biden administration has been sending billions to one of the most corrupt countries that made his family rich over the years.

It's hard not to conclude the corruption runs to the highest levels of government.

There is also a push for Finland, Sweden and Switzerland to join NATO.

This is simply further provocation against Russia which has already been threatened with nuclear strikes from the United Kingdom.

Goading a nuclear power that has hypersonic missiles and an authoritarian regime is not the decision of those seeking to avoid further conflict.

Things are set to get much, much worse in the years ahead.

These events (particularly the latter two), will all play into the hands of The Great Reset crowd who want to rule from on high.

In their quest to rebuild society in their image, they are prepared to tear down whatever they need to and then promise to build back better.

It's a total fraud but most governments are going along with it because they have run out of options.

The welfare state they have created is collapsing under the mountain of debt and the people have little faith in those who have been elected to represent them.

The only two world leaders who stand in the way of this program are Putin and Xi. Both dictators who refuse to bow to the demands of Davos and the United Nations.

That's why the West wants regime change. First Russia, next China.

To be perfectly candid, I hope every one of these predictions are wrong.

However, an assessment of the current state of domestic and global affairs, there's a better than even chance of being correct.

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