Heading for Quarantine

Trusting pathetic Premiers not to panic was a rookie mistake and I made it! Now quarantine awaits.

Heading for Quarantine

One of my favourite sayings is 'you generally get what you deserve'.

As I head back to the state of South Australia from a two day trip to Queensland, I think those words are apt.

In my case, I knew the South Australian Premier, Steven Marshall, is a panic stricken Prima Donna, but I crossed the border anyway.

Act in haste and repent at leisure!

It just so happens that Marshall decided to close the borders the day before I was scheduled to get home.

Now I face a couple of weeks in quarantine because I was in a State with three confirmed cases!

Oh, but they could be the dreaded Delta variant which is so much worse than the Alpha variant which is worse than the UK strain which wasn't as bad as the South African contagion.

No mention has been made of South Australia's dreaded Pizza Box virus that shut the entire state for a few days last year. That's because it doesn't exist and was entirely made up by health authorities.

As I am flying back in, it is still very difficult to ascertain exactly what to expect.

Some online information says there will be a 14 day quarantine period while insiders say it is a two negative test protocol in place.

I suspect they are making it up as they go along so we will have to wait and see whether we can quarantine at our home (in regional SA) or some other plan will be devised.

It's an inconvenience that's for sure and made more frustrating because the Australian government has television ads running to campaign for holidays in Australia.

Why would anyone travel outside of their own state when pathetic premiers close borders on a whim and a whiff of Covid-19?  

Like everyone else my wife and I will manage whatever we have to. I'll keep you updated on how it all plays out in the next 24 hours.


Have 14 days in the cooler in exchange for a two day break in Queensland.

After arriving at the airport and completing the procedures, was in a cab on the way home and I get an email advising my entry into SA had been declined by SA Police.

I know they are under the pump but it does demonstrate that the departments haven't got much idea what each other are doing.

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