Happy Birthday!

Cory’s Comment is one year old today!

Since making the fateful decision to share my thoughts online in 2008, a great deal has happened.

My comments have featured in national media, fuelled policy debate, seen my removal from the frontbench and given a lot of people something to think about.

My first Comment went to only a handful of people and now, one year later, they are read by thousands of people from all over the world. Cory’s Comment even features as a weekly column in a large regional newspaper.

The Comments began as a means of bypassing the traditional media and sharing a message with those who are interested. I am grateful to have so many people engaged with what I write and appreciate the hundreds of emails offering advice, suggestions and constructive criticism.

While my love of writing (and the fact I have an opinion on everything!) means I often write for myself, it wouldn’t mean as much to me if you didn’t enjoy it too.

Thanks for sharing the past year with me and I look forward to sharing many more comments (and responses) with you in the years ahead.

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