Greens’ Global Government Ambitions

The nature of the Greens’ totalitarian agenda can be seen through a careful examination of their policies and party platform.

Their support for global governance, manifested in the United Nations, includes a “stronger UN capable of dealing with threats to international peace and security.”

Given that the Greens oppose every type of conflict except the ‘just wars’ mounted by radical eco-terrorists like the Sea Shepherd organisation, one must ask what benefit a stronger United Nations would be to their objectives? Unless the UN was entrusted to enforce some of their more interventionist treaties and agreements.

Actually, that’s exactly what the Green lobby wanted through the Copenhagen treaty. An unelected, unaccountable body was to be funded through the wealthy Western nations to act as the global policeman, judge and jury determining who could do what, where and when.

Such a process would have almost assuredly resulted in systemic corruption that would have dwarfed the frauds and falsehoods of the UN’s own climate change committee and limited the ability of nations to choose their own path to the benefit of their citizens.

Now the UN has many other treaties; including one that trumps parental responsibility with government bureaucrats under the guise of ‘children’s rights’.

The Convention on the Rights of the Child treaty is part of an international plan to give children a long list of rights. It was implemented in 1989 and most nations, including Australia, are signatories to it.

Some of the clauses in this treaty give rise to some concern. This includes the rights that give ‘the government the ability to override every decision made by every parent if a government worker disagreed with the parent’s decision,’ according to Further, children would be able to seek a ‘governmental review of every parental decision with which the child disagreed.’

Teaching children Christianity in schools would be banned, as would raising your children in any particular faith. In fact, parents would be limited to giving ‘advice’ to children about religion under this treaty.

According to the UN good parenting guide, children would have a right to abortions without parental consent and would have a legally enforceable right to leisure. Exactly what constitutes leisure is left open to interpretation but I feel confident that campaigning for Green causes would meet with UN approval!

Of course, the UN doesn’t stop there.

Under their treaty it would be illegal for a nation to spend more on national defence than it does on children’s welfare. Who cares that strong nations protect children from tyranny and abuse, or that orderly societies provide a safer environment for children than lawless ones? Such trifling matters should never interfere with the United Nations’ ability to dictate how sovereign nations are allowed to spend their taxpayers’ money.

At present, although there are reporting obligations by nations that signed the treaty, there are no penalties for failure to comply and nations can opt out of the treaty with little notice. So it is basically another UN motherhood statement that achieves nothing except for providing the UN with the appearance of achievement.

However, under the Greens’ world view, that could change. They want to empower the UN to have an enforcement role for all existing and future treaties and conventions, which the Greens will unilaterally endorse.

Don’t take my word for it, read their policy platform. This includes the Rights of the Child treaty where an enforced UN treaty could actually direct how parents can raise their children.

It’s alarming enough that a party with a Marxist heart covered by an environmental skin can achieve electoral success and balance of power status without effective scrutiny of their policy positions.

However, it is downright scary that they are prepared to effectively outsource aspects of Australian sovereignty to an external organisation and further want to empower that organisation to be the global policeman – directing, amongst other things, how we can raise our children.

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