Government Protecting Big Pharma

Bill Gates has said the risks of covid vaccines mean government has to indemnify big pharma for the possible consequences. All profits, no responsibility.

Government Protecting Big Pharma

The probe into the AstraZeneca covid vaccine has seen it banned in a number of European countries. Italy, France and Germany have now joined Ireland, the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Iceland and Bulgaria in suspending the jabs.

Austria, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia have impounded one batch of the distributed vaccine while Italy has even launched a manslaughter probe into the death of a teacher who dies one day after being given the vaccine.

Of course there is nothing to worry about and these experimental vaccines are totally safe.

If you believe that I have a bridge to sell you!

The testing of these vaccines has simply not been as extensive or prolonged as previous public vaccines released. It is impossible for the pharmaceutical companies or any government health organisations to be fully aware of the short and long term effects these vaccines will have on our health.

That's because they were developed, tested and released in months rather than years. Rapid development is fine but testing is more important and that simply hasn't been done over a long enough period.

Even extreme vaccine advocate Bill Gates disclosed the risks in the video below.

In it, he estimates that more than 700,000 people may have an adverse reaction to the vaccine and that government indemnification for big pharma companies by government will be needed.

To me, that is the critical point.

The big pharma companies have been indemnified by government for the risks attached to these vaccines because they have been rushed out. They'll make their billions but it suggests they won't be liable for any adverse consequences.

It sounds like the perfect business model. All profits, no responsibility and you'll be picking up the tab.

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